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Bloom Brands hops onto Petalfast’s Route-Through-Market Sales Platform

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Bloom Brands, a California-based pioneer in the cannabis vape industry, has joined the growing portfolio of cannabis brands that have partnered with Petalfast’s “canna-launcherator,” program. The news was announced officially on Wednesday last week through Globe News Wire. The CEO of Petalfast, Jason Vegotsky, expressed his excitement about the new partnership which he hopes will open up the lines of distribution for Bloom’s top-of-the-range vape products and at the same time expand Petalfast's footprint in the US.

Bloom Brands was founded in 2014 and has since curated several award-winning cannabis strains that have achieved immense success in California as well as neighboring states. The company employs a proprietary science-driven distillation process to deliver high potency cannabis vape products. Vape products are particularly popular with the gen z, which shows where the industry is headed.

Petalfast serves as a route-through-market sales platform for cannabis businesses located in California and beyond. It offers six unique services to launch cannabis businesses into the market as well as help them expand into new markets, these services can be taken as individual components or as one package. Some of the key services offered by Petalfast include delivery, marketing, compliance, and sales and distribution. This deviates from vertical integration, a trend gaining swift uptake in the cannabis industry.

Vertical integration means that a cannabis business controls most or the entire supply chain including the cultivation, extraction, production, and retailing of cannabis products. Ideally, it allows the business to gain control over the quality of the product and also keep expenses nimble. This should of course drive the cost of production lower and help the business to offer a competitive price that can compete with the black market. It's perceived to work especially for large-scale operators. But that's not all there is to vertical integration and it has its downsides as well.

Several cannabis businesses fail even before they get off the ground because they bite more than they can chew.

Speaking to My Cannabis, Jason Vegotsky the CEO of Petalfast highlighted the need for leveraging the experience of others when starting out instead of trying to do it all on your own. “Everybody is trying to do everything, and too fast. Vertical integration is one of the biggest reasons businesses struggle in the cannabis industry,” he said.

This new partnership will hopefully increase Bloom’s reach and expand the clientele while minimizing their business risk as well. Casey Ly, Bloom's chief revenue officer had the following to say.

“Our team is on a mission to provide safe, high-quality vape products that everyone can enjoy and incorporate into their daily wellness routine, and we're confident that Petalfast will help tell the story, strengthen customer loyalty, and achieve maximum revenue potential.”

About Petalfast

Petalfast is a pioneering route-through-market platform that provides reputable cannabis brands the opportunity to launch hitch-fee into the cannabis market and provides services to accelerate their growth. You can learn more about Petalfast from their website.

About Bloom Brands

Bloom Brands is a leading California- based cannabis vape brand with several award-winning curated strains to its name. You can learn more about Bloom Brands from their website.


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