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Colorado’s Leading Cannabis Transporter Launches Cutting-Edge Tech Platform to Massively Increase Sustainability in the Industry



 Product poised to reduce cannabis industry’s paper waste by 10,000,000 (ten million) pages annually 

DENVER — Green Parcel Services, the leading licensed cannabis transportation service in Colorado and New Mexico, will launch the paperless manifest solution “PaperWaive” to the Colorado market on January 22, 2024. This technology platform will make an immediate impact in streamlining cannabis businesses and placing the Colorado industry at the cutting edge of environmentally sustainable practices.  PaperWaive is being launched in conjunction with Green Parcel Service’s sister company, GPS One.

“PaperWaive is a breakthrough product that will have an immediate impact on the environmental footprint of the cannabis industry,” says GPS One CEO Joel Dickerson, a 5-year veteran of cannabis transportation services. “For years Colorado cannabis businesses have been forced to rent warehouses to store millions of pages of paper manifests. This paperless solution will allow Colorado businesses to maintain fully compliant digital manifests without the burden of expensive storage, all while helping the environment.”

PaperWaive Explained

While it is legal in Colorado to utilize digital manifests, as opposed to paper manifests, no licensee is taking advantage of this opportunity due to the lack of a technology solution in this space. PaperWaive has filled this gap by creating a solution for licensees to compliantly accept signatures and store manifests digitally, without the need for a paper manifest. This software provides real-time visibility into deliveries and, importantly, can reduce paper use in Colorado by over 10,000,000 sheets per year.  PaperWaive also boasts routing technology to increase distribution efficiencies, flexible payment options to ensure secure transactions, and advanced data reporting for operators to gain valuable insights into their business performance through KPI tracking solutions.

“This changes everything,” says Patrick Duddy, the Founder of Green Parcel Service, the parent company of GPS One, and a ten-year veteran of the cannabis distribution space.  “Through our trusted relationships with clients, it is apparent there is a need and desire for a platform that can maintain the logistics of their operations with strict compliance, while also minimizing the environmental footprint of the required manifests and other documents. With PaperWaive, licensees can have the best of all worlds.”

Industry Juggernauts

Led by pioneers of the regulated cannabis industry, Green Parcel Service and GPS One know first-hand the challenges of working in a new and continually evolving regulatory environment. With insight from Patrick Duddy, Founder and CEO of the first and largest cannabis transporter in Colorado and New Mexico, and Chief Legal Advisor Brian Vicente, Principal and Founder of the largest national cannabis law firm Vicente LLP and co-author of Amendment 64 which legalized cannabis in Colorado, GPS One is uniquely positioned to lead the path forward to a more streamlined and environmentally conscious cannabis industry.

About Green Parcel Service and GPS One

Green Parcel Service (GPS) is a cannabis courier service specializing in last mile delivery. Founded in 2015, GPS was awarded the first cannabis transportation license in the United States and is the largest cannabis delivery company in Colorado. In 2023, GPS expanded operations into New Mexico, where it quickly became the largest cannabis distribution company in the state.