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Consumption Lounges to Launch In Vegas & Planet 13 is Planning to Steal the Show!

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Though adult-use cannabis is legal in 19 states plus DC, public consumption has been out of bounds in most of these locations. Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York have passed laws to allow the public consumption of cannabis in cannabis lounges. However, none has begun issuing licenses for such establishments.

Earlier in June this year, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board approved cannabis lounges, paving way for cities to decide whether to opt-in or out of the provision. On 21st September, members of the Las Vegas city council voted 5-1, with the majority opting out of a motion (fronted by a member of the council, Victoria Seaman) that would have banned the opening of cannabis consumption lounges in the city. Nevada is issuing 45 licenses for consumption lounges attached to existing retail dispensaries and 20 licenses to new stand-alone establishments. Las Vegas will be accepting license applications from the 14th to the 22nd of October.  With the die-cast in favor, it appears that it will just be a matter of months before the Vegas air is saturated with the smell of weed.

Las Vegas receives close to a staggering 42 million visitors each year. 

Planet 13 to Set-Up Consumption Lounge with Immersive Experience

Planet 13, an award-winning vertically integrated cannabis company will be launching a one-of-a-kind cannabis consumption lounge on the Vegas Strip. This will provide an immersive experience for consumers who will be able to indulge in the finest cannabis treats as they get entertained and at the same time watch as products are being made, all under one roof.

Some of the stunning features include the 80-feet wide LED wall showcasing immersive entertainment (including lions breaking through the wall, and vines growing up to the ceiling). The interactive dispensary floors will feature a choreographed Orb drone while the walls will have giant laser graffiti shimmering through. Consumers will also be treated to Willie Wonka-style production windows through which customers will be able to watch and interact with edibles and beverages as they are being produced.
Planet 13 is converting its Trece restaurant, which covers 4,500 square feet, into a mind-blowing and picturesque consumption lounge. The Trece restaurant enjoys a prime location on the Vegas Strip that's in close proximity to the major Vegas attractions. Using the preexisting facility will allow Planet 13 to upscale and offer a state-of-the-art lounge without incurring huge financial costs. Planet 13 is highly optimistic that their license application will sail through. If you haven't toured Sin City, now you have every reason to!




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