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Does HHC Have A Noteworthy Place In The Cannabis Space?




The legalization of hemp has birthed several exciting developments. One of the most notable is the emergence of hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoids that have caused a stir in the cannabis space. Delta-8 which became popular last year raised questions about the legality of these molecules that have been providing a means to get “legally high” on cannabis. Even amidst the confusion, delta-8 managed to become widely successful and has paved way for the emergence of similar hemp-derived psychoactive molecules; HHC is but one of them.

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinoil, better known as HHC, is a synthetic and hemp-derived phytocannabinoid that is psychoactive. In other words, it is manufactured in the lab starting with hemp-derived CBD as the primary ingredient. It is believed that HHC was first discovered by the chemist Roger Adams in the 1940s.

How is HHC Made?

HHC occurs naturally in hemp, but in very minute amounts that make it impossible to extract any significant amount. For commercial purposes, HHC is made through a hydrogenation process. First, CBD is extracted from hemp and taken through a chemical process to produce THC. The THC is then taken through a process of hydrogenation where the double bond in THC is replaced with two hydrogen atoms. This changes the structure as well as the properties of the new molecule, HHC.

HHC Effects on the Body and Mind

Just like with THC and other cannabinoids, HHC effects may vary from one person to the next. This all depends on your body chemistry a well as the strength of the HHC product. HHC is psychoactive and will definitely cause a cerebral buzz when consumed in significant amounts. Some users have described the high as energetic and uplifting. Some have also reported pain relief.

Is HHC More Potent Than Delta-8?

Anecdotal reports indicate that the high from HHC is more powerful compared to that provided by both delta-8 and delta-10. Delta-8 is considered to be 50% as potent as THC while HHC is considered to be 80% as potent as THC. However, these claims are yet to be verified by scientific studies.

Will HHC Show Up In a Drug Test?

It’s not clear whether HHC will show up in a standard drug test. HHC is not broken down in the body in the same way that THC or delta 8 and 10 are. In other words, the active metabolite of HHC is not 11-hydroxy-THC.

Standard drug tests usually test for 11-hydroxy-THC. Therefore, theoretically speaking HHC will not make you fail a drug test.

Does HHC Have Medical Benefits?

Unlike THC, not many studies have been conducted to investigate the therapeutic properties if HHC. One 2011 study that was conducted using synthetic HHC showed significant effects against breast cancer cells. A paper that was published in 2007 described HHC’s powerful pain relieving properties in mice. The safety and efficacy of HHC in humans is yet to be investigated. Therefore, it is too early to make any medical claims about HHC.

Is HHC Legal?

Being a hemp-derived compound, HHC should be legal. In 2018, the federal government legalized hemp through the passage of the 2018 Agricultural Act. What is illegal under federal law is anything that contains more than 0.3% THC. However, because of its psychoactive inclination, HHC is likely to attract the attention of the DEA if it becomes widely popular. In that case, the DEA will issue a statement on the legality of HHC. Meanwhile, the market for HHC is open and consumers will continue to enjoy some quality HHC products without any problems.

Where To Buy HHC

HHC can be bought online from vendors that sell other hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD and delta-8. It is sold in the form of vapes and tincures. You can also chance on HHC flower which is basically hemp flower that is coated with HHC.

Should You Try HHC?

If you are a medical cannabis patient it is not advisable to try HHC as there are no studies to show the safety and medical efficacy of HHC as yet. Recreational users seeking a milder high can opt for HHC which can be easily ordered online and shipped. Ensure that you buy HHC from a reputable hemp dealer.

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