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dosist™ Wellness Products To Be Distributed Exclusively By HERBL




On Monday, a day shy off 4/20, Dosist signed an exclusive partnership agreement with HERBL for the distribution of their line of dose-controlled wellness products. HERBL, California’s largest company in the cannabis supply chain space, will have exclusive rights to distribute dosist product range throughout California starting this week which is a bi one for the cannabis industry. HERBL is collaborating with Fina Bell in this distribution partnership with dosist.

Dosist, a California-based company that was founded in 2016, is best known for its sleek range of vape pens that are uniquely designed to offer metered doses of potent cannabinoid directly to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The popular “cannabis pen brand” was among the first in the market to offer metered dosing and consequently predictable cannabis experiences and outcomes. Apart from the tech-enhanced vape pens, the company also offers CBD-infused gummies, CBG tinctures, and live resin edibles. Their products are uniquely designed to offer calm, sleep, and pain relief.

Mike Beuadry, the CEO of HERBL, is optimistic about this new partnership as dosist is a pioneer and game-changer in the cannabis wellness space.  HERBL, which was also founded in 2016, is a supply chain company that connects top cannabis brands in the industry with their clientele of over 1000 licensed cannabis retailers in CA. Through this new partnership, dosist products will be available to HERBL’s wide network of cannabis retailers.





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