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Hoodie Analytics Launches Groundbreaking Cannabis Insights Platform



CHICAGO, Sept. 25, 2023  — Hoodie Analytics (Hoodie), a leading U.S. cannabis data and tech firm, has unveiled its innovative cannabis insights and product data management platform. This platform offers dispensary analytics, product velocity metrics, store-level segmentation, and wholesale integration, enabling operators to closely monitor competitors, track sales trends, and tailor strategies by demographics.

Wes Shepherd, CEO of Hoodie, highlights the platform's uniqueness: “Hoodie provides granular sales data down to individual dispensaries, filling a crucial gap in the industry. Our clients can now understand how their brands perform in specific dispensaries, cities, or customer segments.”

Hoodie stands out with 3 billion daily observations from 10,000+ stores and 10 million monthly customer visits, providing invaluable insights for businesses of all sizes. Clients can optimize operations, react to competitors, and enhance pricing, promotions, and inventory management.

Peter Barsoom, CEO of 1906 New Highs, praises Hoodie's impact, especially with the Product Catalog: “Their constant innovation and attention to feedback have been remarkable. We use everything from sales enablement to multi-state wholesale analytics.”

Hoodie empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions. For instance, it helps a Michigan dispensary discover that different age and income groups prefer distinct gummy brands. Similarly, a New Jersey retailer can identify local preferences for flower strains. Hoodie enables tailored product offerings and pricing strategies based on granular data.

Andrew Salini, CRO of Good Day Farm, attests to Hoodie's importance in decision-making: “Our understanding of the competitive landscape has improved significantly, resulting in a substantial ROI. We're now building an enterprise-wide analytics platform with their support.”

Hoodie Analytics transforms cannabis dispensary operations, providing essential insights for success.

About Hoodie

Hoodie Analytics believes cannabis businesses need deep operational insights. With decades of experience in e-commerce intelligence and market measurement, Hoodie offers critical data and analytics, allowing businesses to focus on growth.  Please visit for more details.


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