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Investigation Uncovers MedMen’s Troubled Business Practices: Unpaid Invoices, Store Closures, and Employee Layoffs



A comprehensive investigation by MJBizDaily into the operations of marijuana multistate operator MedMen Enterprises reveals a concerning pattern of business practices. The report, based on internal communications, regulatory filings, and interviews with industry stakeholders, exposes instances of unpaid invoices, sudden store closures, and employee terminations without notice.

Key Findings

Widespread Non-payment Issues: MedMen faces accusations of disregarding invoices, breaching contracts, and neglecting efforts to resolve outstanding balances, impacting various cannabis brands, vendors, and former employees.

Executive Involvement: High-ranking MedMen executives, including former CEO Ellen Deutsch Harrison and acting CFO Amit Pandey, are implicated in online exchanges seeking restitution for unpaid invoices, as revealed in emails obtained by MJBizDaily.

Legal Action Looming: A California distributor owed tens of thousands of dollars is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against MedMen, while other contractors, owed substantial amounts, are considering legal measures against the company.

Store Closures and Layoffs: The investigation coincides with recent closures of three MedMen stores in California, ongoing layoffs, and a management shake-up, contributing to the company's fall from grace in the regulated marijuana industry.

Financial Struggles: Despite being one of the most well-known marijuana operators, MedMen is facing deep financial troubles, burning through tens of millions of dollars and reporting a severe cash crunch in its most recent quarterly financial statement.

Legal Troubles: Regulatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveal MedMen's involvement in significant lawsuits related to unpaid invoices, including disputes with business brokers, office furniture vendors, and several landlords.

Industry Wide Issue: The problem of unpaid invoices extends beyond MedMen, reflecting a systemic issue in the marijuana industry, particularly in California, the largest cannabis market globally.

Public Shaming and Fallout: Several contractors, including Punch Distribution and West Coast Cure, share their experiences of non-payment by MedMen, leading to public shaming on social media platforms.

Continued Challenges: Ongoing layoffs, store closures, and delayed regulatory filings contribute to MedMen's tarnished reputation, once celebrated as an industry darling, now facing challenges on multiple fronts.

This story by MJBizDaily, sheds light on the complex issues plaguing MedMen Enterprises, raising concerns about its business practices and the broader challenges faced by stakeholders in the evolving cannabis industry.