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Keep it Cozy with Cannabis Strains for Winter: Part 2




Looking to match all your favourite holiday and winter activities with some nice cannabis strains? We’ve got you covered with our winter strain guide. The first part of this guide can be found here

Cooking up a big holiday feast: Super Lemon Haze

Feasting during the holidays is always necessary. How else will you get through a full day, or even multiple days, of cooking without a strong sativa? Super Lemon Haze produces a happy and uplifting high that can give you lots of energy to get things done. You’ll hopefully be able to stuff a turkey, mash potatoes, and mix cocktails, all while having a fun sing-along to holiday tunes. (Results may vary. Don’t smoke too much!) 

A mix of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this strain has a strong and lovely citrusy taste, smelling like pine and lemon. This sensory experience is perfect for pairing with cooking. 

Super Lemon Haze is composed of around 80 percent sativa and can make you focused and creative – perhaps you’ll be able to explore some new flavour combinations or even just a new way to stack the dishwasher. 

Once dinner is done, you’re sure to have sizeable munchies and will have a very satisfying end to the day devouring your feast. 

Movie marathon: Blackberry Kush

For a binge session of your favourite movies or tv shows, look for an indica like Blackberry Kush that will allow you to happily melt into the couch. Gather friends for a cozy night indoors and choose some not-so-serious entertainment. Comedies, classic holiday films, and animated movies all make good choices. For a marathon, try movies around a theme, series, or collection, for example from Pixar or Studio Ghibli. 

Dense buds with purple colouring characterize this strain. Blackberry Kush is great for relieving pain, strain, and anxiety. This makes it especially perfect after a long day of skiing or snowboarding – it can melt away back, shoulder, and other pains and strains. Take it slow with this strain earlier in the day. But at night, you’re in for a long and restful night’s sleep. 

Wrapping presents: Jack Herer 

Do you have a pile of presents to be beautifully wrapped before the big day? Try a strain like Jack Herer, which is a slightly sativa-leaning hybrid. Jack Herer, named after an American marijuana activist, was created in the Netherlands in the 1990s. It was categorized as a medical-grade cannabis strain and distributed by Dutch pharmacies – lucky them! 

Turn on some music, make a hot drink, pull out the wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons, and make sure you have lots and lots of tape handy.  Smoking Jack Herer will leave you feeling happy, creative, and uplifted. It has a spicy and earthy pine scent. As a 55% sativa hybrid, it’ll make you feel stoned and calm but also energetic enough to get through all those presents. 

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Lindsay is a freelance writer, editor, and podcast producer based between Canada and Portugal. She loves to travel and live around the world and learn about other cultures. She’s interested in the uses, histories, latest research, and innovations of the cannabis plant.

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