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King Kong Organics (KKOG Rwanda) Secures 5-Year License to Cultivate Medicinal Cannabis and Export Products

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King Kong Organics (KKOG Rwanda), a subsidiary of KKOG GLOBAL, has attained the first-ever local license for a 5-year period to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, extraction, and exportation of various medicinal products. The company, a US corporation headquartered in California, aims to lead the African market in medical cannabis cultivation.

KKOG Rwanda's groundbreaking initiative capitalizes on its expertise in cultivating top-tier organic medical cannabis and pioneering techniques in growing, propagation, and crop selection. The company has established strategic partnerships and distribution networks across Africa, with a particular focus on Rwanda.

The construction of Rwanda's inaugural cannabis facility, spanning 5 hectares in the Musanze district, is underway and slated for completion by May 2024. This state-of-the-art facility will feature extraction, research, and product development capabilities. KKOG Rwanda's Founder and CEO, Rene Joseph, anticipates the production of cannabis-infused liquors by 2025.

While Rwanda legalized medical marijuana in 2021, recreational cannabis use and sales remain prohibited, with stringent penalties enforced for illicit activities related to cannabis production, distribution, and consumption. The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) emphasizes rigorous security measures to prevent unauthorized access to cannabis crops.

The legalization of cannabis for medical purposes aligns with Rwanda's economic goals, presenting lucrative investment opportunities. RDB forecasts a potential investment of Rwf19 billion (approximately $17.5 million) in cannabis production for export, with KKOG already investing $10 million in the local market.

Joseph commends the Rwandan government for its progressive stance, acknowledging their instrumental role in facilitating this landmark legislation. He expresses gratitude to all stakeholders involved, including the RDB, for their support in navigating the regulatory landscape.

KKOG's expansive footprint extends beyond Rwanda, with multiple cannabis extraction facilities across Africa, including in the DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, and other countries. The company is committed to empowering small and commercial farmers, offering financing and acting as their exclusive off-taker, fostering economic prosperity throughout the sector.

This story was originally published by All Africa.


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