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Minnesota Faces Need for Nearly 400 Dispensaries as Recreational Marijuana Legalized



MINNEAPOLIS — With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, a study reveals that Minnesota will require approximately 400 dispensaries to comply with state law. The legislation mandates one dispensary for every 12,500 residents, resulting in a minimum of 381 cannabis dispensaries across the state.

The study engaged participants, specifically those who had consumed marijuana within the past year. Remarkably, 83% of these participants reported consuming cannabis at least once a month, with 40% acknowledging daily or almost daily use. On average, participants reported obtaining 24.8 grams of marijuana in the past month, slightly surpassing the national average.

Currently, the only dispensaries in operation are within tribal nations, exempt from the state licensing system, which is yet to be established. The study highlighted that a majority of Minnesotans acquire marijuana through illegal means, primarily from dealers.

The Office of Cannabis Management in Minnesota is advocating for legislative support to streamline the licensing process, enabling businesses to open more expeditiously and meet the rising demand.

Interestingly, the study revealed that around 25% of participants reported growing cannabis at home, an activity deemed legal. Adults in Minnesota are allowed to cultivate up to eight plants at home, with a limit of four flowering at a given time. The participants, on average, grew two plants simultaneously.

As Minnesota navigates the complexities of recreational marijuana legalization, the study emphasizes the need for efficient licensing procedures and increased accessibility through licensed dispensaries to meet the growing demand and discourage illegal channels of obtaining cannabis.