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Miss Grass Partners with Petalfast to Help More Bay Starters “Get Good at Weed”

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Petalfast, a platform that facilitates direct market access for the cannabis industry, has announced a strategic partnership with Miss Grass, a cannabis brand founded by women and driven by a vibrant community. This collaboration aims to strengthen Petalfast's sales, field marketing, and trade operations across Massachusetts.

This partnership marks an important milestone for Petalfast as it introduces Miss Grass's flower products to its portfolio in Massachusetts. By expanding its range of premium cannabis brands available nationwide, Petalfast demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality offerings.

Miss Grass stands at the intersection of science, history, and culture, placing a strong emphasis on crafting cannabis products that deliver optimal results. With their tagline, “Miss Grass is weed for the times,” they are dedicated to offering products suited for various moments in life. 

Whether one seeks inspiration, restoration, self-reflection, playfulness, or connection, Miss Grass aims to elevate the overall experience. The brand also prioritizes close collaboration with cultivators to ensure consistent terpene and cannabinoid profiles from batch to batch and across different states, providing consumers with predictable highs.

Miss Grass briefly discusses with MyCannabis what this new partnership represents.

MyCannabis: Can you provide more details about the specific goals and objectives of the partnership between Miss Grass and Petalfast?

Miss Grass: As the Massachusetts market evolves and our MG community grows there, we partnered with Petalfast to provide more support to our retail partners and expand the reach of our products to more retailers and more consumers across the state.  

MyCannabis: What unique qualities or values does Miss Grass bring to the partnership that align with Petalfast's mission and vision?

Miss Grass: We see a lot of brands essentially viewing retail as only a point of sale. For Miss Grass, we’ve always brought a partnership-minded approach to our retail relationships. Teaming up with Petalfast feels organic to MG because they share our beliefs that growing brands starts with building collaborative retail relationships and leading with a community-first mindset. 

 MyCannabis: Can you elaborate on the potential benefits or opportunities this partnership may offer to consumers in Massachusetts, particularly in terms of access to high-quality cannabis products?

Miss Grass: We believe everyone who wants to better their life with this plant should have access to high-quality, safe, and effective products. With the support of Petalfast, we can broaden access to Miss Grass products across Massachusetts and amplify our mission to help people “get good at weed” by educating more people on our brand, the products we sell, and the history and science of cannabis—all in the spirit of conscious consumption.

Miss Grass joins a growing portfolio of Massachusetts brands offered by Petalfast, alongside Freshly Baked, a cannabis microbusiness promoting social equity, and High Tide, a brand specializing in cannabis-infused mocktails that are ready to drink. Additionally, Petalfast has aligned itself with Eagle Eyes Transport Solutions, the first licensed third-party cannabis transporter and logistics specialist in Massachusetts.


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