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New Frontier Data & Treez Launch New Tool For Targeted Cannabis Marketing

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Leading cannabis data intelligence firm, New Frontier Data, has partnered with the leading cloud commerce platform streamlining the cannabis supply chain to launch a new tool to support curated and targeted cannabis marketing.

Retail Suite, the newly launched tool, is an add-on that's built on New Frontier Data's (NFD) business intelligence platform Equio and leverages Treez retail data. With this new tool, cannabis businesses will be able to monitor their brand, retail, and product performance in near-real-time.

Thanks to this partnership, Treez customers will be able to access the NFD attribution reporting platform, NXTeck™. This will allow their customers to engage and gain insights into their ideal buyer personas:  location, demographics, income, and purchasing behaviors. The end game is to direct marketing campaigns and maximize business opportunities.

Gary Allen, the CEO of NFD is excited about this new partnership and the opportunity that it presents. He said in a press release, “This partnership enables us to provide retailers specific and actionable insights about their customers and operations with the power to immediately act upon them.”

Treez  Chief Revenue Officer is as enthused by the partnership and the access to NFD's attribution platform as it stands to benefit their clients. This is what he had to say, “Furthermore, providing our clients with attribution will empower them to know where their customers are coming from and to find more of them.”

The Retail Suite is bound to be a game-changer that will revamp cannabis marketing by providing consumer insights to direct marketing. New Frontier Data which was founded in 2014 is a global authority and trailblazer in cannabis business intelligence. This partnership with Treez is a definite plus for the cannabis industry.



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