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Petalfast Announces Partnership with Emerald Sun




Petalfast, a route-through-market platform for cannabis businesses, on Thursday announced a new partnership with vertically integrated cannabis supply chain company that specializes in sun-grown varieties, Emerald Sun. Emerald Sun brings on board a suite of custom brands; Big Top, Shish and Jam Cannabis Goods that have now joined Petalfast’s extensive portfolio. 

Emerald Sun traces its roots a decade back to Mendocino County, CA as the premier largescale hashery specializing in solventless cannabis extraction. The company works closely with craft cannabis farmers to produce resin rich varieties from cultivation all through to the production of the best cannabis extracts. This commitment has been echoed by Emerald Sun CEO Brett Schlesinger. “The story of sungrown cannabis and solventless production is the foundation of our business, as is the strength of our one-of-a-kind Hashery and family of deeply rooted brands,” he said. 

Petalfast has managed to build a diversified portfolio in the recent past, bringing on board top-tier cannabis brands that offer premium products to the market. The company acts as a launchpad for new cannabis businesses looking to venture into new and established markets. It also serves as a business accelerator by helping cannabis leverage its proven systems  and established retail channels in select markets.

Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky is confident about the benefits that this new partnership adds to the company. “Emerald Sun’s stand-out expertise across the sun-grown cannabis supply chain makes them an incredible partner in California, and their innovative suite of unique brands are backed by a rare combination of cannabis science and business savvy,” he said. 


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