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Pizza-Pre Roll Combo Loading in San Francisco’s North Beach Neighbourhood

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The legendary and multiple award winning chef, Felix Gemignani has teamed up with North Beach Pipeline, the premier cannabis dispensary in North Beach, to create a pizza-cannabis combo that will be offered as a limited edition. The pizza, dubbed  “Up in Smoke Pipeline Pizza,” will be offered exclusively by  Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and will retail at $30. Meanwhile North Beach Pipeline, which is just three blocks away, will be offering a joint dubbed “Pizza Joint” at $15. Gemignani is a famous name in the pizza making space, having 13 world titles to his name. It's exciting to see how this pizza-cannabis debut will pan out. 

The “Up in Smoke” 12-inch pizza will be uniquely packaged in a multi-colored box featuring an iconic stoner character from the late 1970s to early 1980’s. The outside of the box also has a walking map of North Beach plus some iconic spots that are easily accessible from the pizza restaurant. Each pizza box comes with a bib with some unique artwork.  Jeremy Fish, the legendary North Beach artist is behind these unique designs. Gemignani is eager to welcome the inaugural cannabis dispensary in the neighborhood. 

“We’re always eager to welcome a new business to the neighborhood and celebrate our loyal North Beach community,” he said.

The “Pizza Joint” is a one gram pre roll of a potent sativa dominant strain; Mother’s Milk. This strain which has up to 33% THC is known to provide a strong cerebral buzz that is invigorating and serene at the same time. The joint is sprinkled with kief, just like pizza topping, to add flavor and smoothness to the taste. Bam Deocampo, the Marketing Director for North Beach Pipeline is optimistic that this pairing will help to de-stigmatize cannabis use in the area. 

We hope that ‘The Pizza Joint’ paired with the ‘Up in Smoke’ pizza will delight our customers while destigmatizing marijuana use in the neighborhood,” he said.

Customers at either location will receive a $ 5 discount for purchasing the combo. This being a limited edition, only a maximum of 5,000 “Up in Smoke Pizzas” will be offered. 




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