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Police Dismantle Cannabis Farm in Bootle (UK) Following Disturbance




In response to reports of a disturbance outside a property on Stanley Road in Bootle on Wednesday, February 14, law enforcement officers swiftly moved to address the situation. The disturbance involved three individuals, prompting officers to place a containment on the premises.

At approximately 10 pm, officers from Merseyside Police entered the address near the junction of Stanley Road and Keble Road. Upon conducting a thorough search, they discovered a cannabis farm within the property, featuring four growing rooms. The operation resulted in the seizure of 430 cannabis plants along with associated growing equipment. Additionally, officers identified that the electricity supply had been tampered with, posing a potential hazard, and took necessary safety measures.

At the scene, a 37-year-old man, without a fixed address, was apprehended on suspicion of burglary. Subsequently, following the discovery of the cannabis farm, he faced further charges of suspicion of cannabis production. The suspect is currently in custody, where he is undergoing questioning.

Cannabis Dismantling Team Manager, Matt Brown, emphasized the importance of the operation in safeguarding the local community, highlighting the various risks associated with illicit cannabis farms, such as fires, floods, and violent crime. Brown urged the public to remain vigilant and report any signs of cannabis cultivation in their vicinity promptly.

In a statement, Brown noted, “People who use cannabis in any quantity might think they are doing no real harm to others, but each and every ounce purchased lines the pockets of organised criminals in Merseyside, and encourages them to continue to exploit vulnerable people and to use fear and violence to maintain their illicit trade.”

To educate the public on recognizing signs of cannabis cultivation, a video featuring Matt Brown explaining the indicators has been made available here.

Residents are advised to be alert to the following signs of potential cannabis cultivation:

  • Unusual smells and sounds
  • Regular and diverse visitors at unconventional hours
  • Transport of gardening equipment into a property, such as plant pots, fertilizers, fans, and industrial lighting
  • Sealed or covered windows, or permanently closed curtains
  • Unusual heat emanating from a neighboring property
  • Birds congregating on a roof in cold weather

Anyone who observed suspicious activity on Stanley Road close to the junction with Keble Road on Wednesday is urged to contact @MerpolCC, quoting reference 24000173975. Alternatively, individuals can provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111. In the event of a crime in progress, always dial 999.

This story was reported by Merseyside Police Uk.

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