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Quality Roots Launches a Winter Donation Drive Throughout Southeast Michigan

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Quality Roots, a community focused cannabis company, is partnering with Share Detroit to mobilize winter donations in Monroe, Hamtramck, Owosso, Coruna, and Battle Creek. The donation drive, dubbed “Giving Green,” is accepting new and used donations in terms of blankets, sweatshirts, diapers, female hygiene products, toiletries, and coats for all ages and sizes. It will run from November 29, 2022 to  December 8, 2022.

Quality Roots will be giving a $5 discount on all purchases at all of their brick-and-mortar locations to customers who donate towards the winter drive. The discounts can be accessed from the Share Detroit website using the code Quality Roots. Prizes will be offered at all their stores. 

Aric Klar, the CEO of Quality Roots has expressed great optimism about the initiative. “We’re excited to partner with local organizations like Share Detroit to help bring people together and make the winter a little warmer for those in need. We urge everyone to give back to the community we all know and love.,” said Aric Klar, CEO at Quality Roots. 

Quality Roots drop-off locations include:

Battle Creek: 1028 E Michigan Ave.

Hamtramck: 2024 Caniff Street

Monroe: 1121 S. Monroe Street

Corunna 898 W. Corunna 

Donations may also be sent to Share Detroit through




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