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Sativa/Indica Classification is a Thing of the Past

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Some cannabis dispensaries are still using the traditional Sativa/ Indica Classification to help patients predict the kind of response that they are likely to get from a product. However, as several patients have already realized, the Sativa/ Indica says very little about the chemical properties of a strain.

A recent study titled “the phytochemical diversity of commercial cannabis in the United States” gives an aerial view of the chemical composition of cannabis strains. The researchers analyzed the cannabinoids and terpenes in different commercial cannabis samples collected from six states. After observing the phytochemical diversity in the samples, the researchers found that a majority of the effects cited on commercial labels were not consistent with the chemical composition of the products.  Does this explain the constant frustration by patients when they are not able to get relief from the cannabis products that they purchase?

Cannabis Chemotype is the way to go

The Chemotype represents the chemical composition of a cannabis strain. This includes the cannabinoids, terpene profile, as well as other bioactive components.

A new grouping of cannabis strains based on their dominant cannabinoid is as follows:

  • Type A: THC dominant strains
  • Type B: Balanced THC to CBD
  • Type C: CBD dominant strains

The term “cannabis cultivar” is gaining favor in place of cannabis strain. The cultivar is a species that has undergone several rounds of hybridization and is therefore different from the original species. In simple terms, cultivar means a cultivated variety. Cultivar represents the chemical makeup and captures the true essence of the modern cannabis plant.



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