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Super Mario 420: Coolest 420 Event in LA Organized by Mecca Mid City

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Last year, Mecca Mid City killed it with their Super Mario 420 celebrations. 



Mecca Mid City is located in the center of Los Angeles and has been in existence since 2012. This is a female owned and operated cannabis dispensary that is  the homebase for the Mecca brand of products. The brand draws inspiration from ancient Hindu texts dating back to 4000 years ago, that described the role that cannabis played in the spiritual livelihoods of communities. The brand brings people from all walks of life together and  this year, Mecca Mid City’s 420 event is promising to be even  bigger and better!

This will be a two day affair with interactive 420 inspired activities. The theme is: AREA 420 and the affair will ooze fun in terms of games, prizes and of course some infused delicacies. 

We will be giving you more information in due course.

Meanwhile, save the date.

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