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Does CBD Help with Tinnitus?

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Does CBD help with tinnitus?

Does CBD help with tinnitus? As the prevalence of tinnitus—a persistent and often distressing ringing or buzzing in the ears—continues to rise, many are turning to alternative treatments, such as Cannabidiol (CBD), to find relief. This article embarks on an exploration of CBD's potential impact on tinnitus, diving into current scientific research, anecdotal evidence, challenges, legal considerations, and the road ahead.

Is CBD a Solution for Tinnitus? Specialist’s Opinion and Scientific Findings

Understanding Tinnitus and CBD

Tinnitus is not a disease itself but a symptom of underlying conditions. The complexity of tinnitus has led to various treatment approaches, with CBD emerging as a possibility. Understanding how CBD interacts with the human body's endocannabinoid system opens the door to potential applications, even though the exact mechanism in relation to tinnitus remains ambiguous.

Current Research on CBD and Tinnitus: A Mixed Picture

When investigating whether CBD helps with tinnitus, the current body of research offers contradictory insights. Some studies have hinted at CBD's potential benefits, such as reducing anxiety, which can indirectly alleviate tinnitus symptoms. However, others have shown that CBD might exacerbate tinnitus in some cases. The lack of conclusive evidence emphasizes the need for further, more controlled studies.

Potential Benefits and Challenges


  1. Natural Alternative: CBD provides a non-pharmaceutical option, which may appeal to those seeking holistic remedies.
  2. Potential Reduction in Associated Symptoms: By potentially relieving stress or anxiety, CBD may indirectly help with tinnitus.


  1. Inconsistent Evidence: The inconclusive research complicates the answer to the question, “Does CBD help with tinnitus?”
  2. Possible Worsening of Symptoms: Caution is required, as CBD might worsen tinnitus in some individuals.

Guidelines for Using CBD for Tinnitus

If you're considering CBD as a potential solution for tinnitus, follow these guidelines:

  1. Consult Healthcare Professionals: Always discuss with a provider experienced with CBD.
  2. Choose Quality Products: Look for third-party lab-tested products to ensure quality.
  3. Begin with Low Doses: Start with a low dose and adjust as needed, monitoring for any effects on your tinnitus symptoms.

Guidelines for Using CBD for Tinnitus

Personal Testimonies and Case Studies

The personal experiences of those who have tried CBD for tinnitus vary widely. Some report significant relief, while others find no benefit or even negative impacts. These diverse experiences further underscore the need for more comprehensive research.

Future Research, Legal Considerations, and Conclusion

The exploration of whether CBD helps with tinnitus points to a complex and evolving landscape. Future research should aim to understand the mechanisms at play, conduct controlled trials, and develop evidence-based guidelines for practitioners and individuals.

Legal and regulatory aspects must also be considered, with guidance sought from knowledgeable professionals to navigate jurisdiction-specific laws.

In conclusion, the question, “Does CBD help with tinnitus?”, remains an open and intriguing one. While potential benefits exist, the current lack of concrete evidence and individual complexities call for caution, collaboration, and continued exploration. The answer may lie in the intricate interplay of science, personal experience, law, and societal perspectives, all fueling the pursuit of understanding and possible relief for those challenged by tinnitus.

Where to Buy CBD Online

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Established in 2019, Kanibi is an online store that's committed to “raising the bar” on CBD standards. Their product range is diverse, even including chewing gum and sports creams. They also offer high potency up to 1,500 mgs. All their CBD products are made from hemp that is grown in the US using organic practices.

They believe that CBD manufacturing process should be transparent, meaning they double-test every single one of their products never contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners,  or dyes. To top things off they offer free shipping on domestic orders exceeding $100.



Established in 2018, Zatural was started by a naturopathic doctor and offers CBD products in three categories: recovery & relief, mood support, and sleep. They go the extra mile to offer free shipping on domestic orders over $5. This company has been featured on several reputable media outlets including WebMD, Men’s Journal, US Weekly, and Ministry of Hemp. What we love most about this company is the extensive and creative product range.

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