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Massachusetts Adult-Use Marijuana Sales Surpass $5 Billion Mark




MASSACHUSETTS – The adult-use marijuana industry in Massachusetts has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing the $5 billion mark in total sales. This announcement comes alongside a clarification from the executive director of the state's Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), Shawn Collins, regarding his earlier resignation announcement, as was first reported by MJBizDaily.

Massachusetts' cannabis regulators report that sales have continued to surge, even as more Northeastern states have introduced adult-use programs. According to the Worcester Business Journal, the state's recreational cannabis market has remained robust. In January, Massachusetts celebrated reaching the $4 billion sales milestone since the launch of adult-use sales in November 2018.

Notably, the Business Journal reveals that recreational retailers in the state generated a staggering $1 billion in sales between January and August, marking the quickest accumulation of such revenue by licensed sellers.

Shawn Collins, Executive Director of the CCC, stated, “Massachusetts continues to achieve record-breaking sales, even in the face of increased competition from neighboring states. In fact, our neighboring states, including Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, also reported record sales this summer.”

In an earlier announcement made in July, there was some confusion when CCC Chair Shannon O'Brien indicated that Collins would be resigning from his position by year-end. However, Collins has now clarified the situation, stating that he will be taking a temporary parental leave and remains the executive director of the CCC.

Collins noted that discussions have taken place within the CCC regarding a succession plan for his eventual departure but affirmed his commitment to continuing his role at the agency. He said, “So I don't know what the future holds for me, certainly, but I'm looking forward to clocking in on a daily basis and continuing to do the work alongside the folks that are here at the agency. So that status hasn't changed. I remain the executive director and have not resigned.”

CCC Chair Shannon O'Brien apologized for any confusion caused by the previous resignation announcement.

The CCC recently held a public hearing to discuss new cannabis regulations aimed at enhancing industry diversity, establishing marijuana lounges, and increasing oversight on agreements between cannabis companies and municipalities.


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