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Is Weed Legal in Albania? (April 2024)

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Cannabis is illegal in Albania and the country has some of the harshest anti-cannabis laws. Surprisingly, Albania is among the largest producers of elicit cannabis in Europe.

About Albania

Albania is a country located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It shares borders with several countries, including Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. The country has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman civilizations.

Medical Cannabis in Albania

Medical cannabis is illegal in Albania.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Albania?

Cannabis has not been decriminalized in Albania and possession of even small amounts can lead to a jail sentence.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Albania?

No, recreational cannabis remains illegal in Albania. However, Albania has a thriving illicit market and cultivation of cannabis is sufficient to meet domestic demands and even spare some for export.

Cannabis was prohibited in Albania in 1994 and included in the list of controlled drugs. The Albanian government has made it clear that cannabis falls within the definition of narcotics and according to Article 283 of the criminal code any activity involving narcotics is a criminal offense that is subject to imprisonment of from five to ten years.

Cannabis in Lazarat

Lazarat is a village in southern Albania that is famous for illicit cannabis cultivation and trade. It is believed that about 90% of the residents here are involved in the illicit cannabis trade. In 2013, Lazarat made the headlines when police tried to shut down cannabis activities and the residents, including a 70 year old grandmother,  fought back at the police.

Is Hemp Legal in Albania?

For now, hemp has not yet been legalized in Albania. However, the Albanian government has held discussions in the past about the possibility of legalizing the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp.

Even though hemp remains illegal, there has been significant pressure from American-Albanian hemp companies to have the Government legalize the industrial use of hemp.

Is CBD Legal in Albania?

While there are no explicit laws banning CBD in Albania, it is illegal to market CBD as a food, supplement, or even medicine in the country. You can find CBD being sold online and in some brick and mortar stores nonetheless.

Can I Grow Weed at Home in Albania?

No, it is illegal to cultivate cannabis at home in Albania.

Will Albania Legalize Weed?

It doesn't look like Albania will legalize cannabis any time soon.


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