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Is Weed Legal in Paraguay? (June 2024)

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Yes, medical cannabis was legalized in Paraguay back in 2018. Possession of small amounts of cannabis has been decriminalized. However, recreational cannabis remains illegal. Paraguay is one of the largest producers of cannabis, accounting for close to 9% of the total production of cannabis globally.

About Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country located in the heart of South America. It is bordered by Bolivia to the northwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Argentina to the south and southwest. Paraguay's economy is heavily reliant on agriculture. It is one of the world's largest exporters of soybeans, as well as a major producer of corn, wheat, and other crops. Being a landlocked country, Paraguay faces unique challenges in terms of trade. It has developed transportation infrastructure, including river ports and road networks, to facilitate the movement of goods. The Paraná-Paraguay Waterway provides a crucial trade route connecting Paraguay to global markets via the Paraná River, offering access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Medical Cannabis in Paraguay

Paraguay legalized medical cannabis back in 2017. In February, 2020, Paraguay made a significant stride in the medical cannabis industry by granting the first 12 licenses to companies, enabling them to operate as vertically integrated producers. This landmark decision positioned Paraguay as a potential low-cost producer of medical cannabis.

The granted licenses allow the selected companies to engage in various activities, including the importation of seeds, cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of medical cannabis. This includes catering to the domestic market as well as exporting the product.

Paraguay's licensing process took an innovative approach by exclusively allowing pharmaceutical laboratories to apply for these licenses, as reported by local sources. Out of the 18 applicants in the process, 12 were ultimately selected for licensing, marking a significant development for the medical cannabis industry in Paraguay.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Paraguay?

Possession of 10 grams of cannabis or less was decriminalized in Paraguay back in 1988.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Paraguay?

No, recreational cannabis is illegal in Paraguay.

Is Hemp Legal in Paraguay?

Yes, hemp was legalized in Paraguay in 2018 and cultivation began in 2019. Paraguay is the largest producer of hemp in Latin America and exports most of its hemp to neighboring countries

Is CBD Legal in Paraguay?

CBD (cannabidiol) is legal for medical use in Paraguay. In 2017, Paraguay passed a law legalizing the import, distribution, and use of cannabis-derived medications that contain CBD for medical purposes. This law allowed for the use of CBD in specific medical cases under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Use of CBD as a food supplement is however not recognized by the law in Paraguay.

Can I Grow Weed at Home in Paraguay?

Yes, families in Paraguay are allowed to grow weed at home. Paraguay's approach to its industrial hemp industry is particularly intriguing as it follows a cottage industry model. Through a 2019 policy change, every family in Paraguay is now permitted to cultivate up to a maximum of two hectares of low-THC industrial hemp. This allocation of land corresponds to just under 5 acres, providing an opportunity for households to actively participate in the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Will Paraguay Legalize Weed?

Paraguay had made significant advancements in the medical cannabis sector, such as granting licenses for companies to produce and distribute medical cannabis products.

The possibility of Paraguay legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes depends on various factors, including evolving societal attitudes, legislative changes, and political decision-making. For now, there are no strong indications that Paraguay is about to fully legalize cannabis.

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