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Kent State University Launches Cannabis Certification Courses Following Ohio’s Recreational Marijuana Legalization




KENT, Ohio (WJW) — In response to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio, Kent State University is at the forefront of educational innovation by introducing groundbreaking cannabis certification courses.

Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower, emphasizes that Kent State has proactively positioned itself to contribute to the development of a new workforce in the cannabis industry. The university's commitment to this sector predates legalization, and it stands as the first Ohio public university to forge an exclusive partnership with Green Flower, renowned for its expertise in marijuana industry training.

“If you want to play a role as an entrepreneur, a manager, or if you want to play a role servicing these businesses, I think the timing is perfect for this Kent State program. It’s six months, entirely online. And they will allow people to have an enormous leg up when this industry shapes up, which is planned for next summer,” said Simon.

Kent State Lifelong Learning’s cannabis certificate programs, open to the public, concentrate on four key areas: business, healthcare, compliance, and agriculture. According to Simon, all programs are taught by industry veterans who have successfully built businesses across the country, bringing an insightful understanding of the intricacies of the cannabis industry and its products.

Green Flower anticipates that the inaugural classes will commence in January 2024.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the university emphasized the significance of individuals becoming well-informed in the wake of Ohio's recent legalization. The on-demand, online certificate programs are designed to empower individuals to cultivate specialized knowledge and skills related to the cannabis industry at their own pace.

This story was first reported by Yahoo News.