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Medicann Launches Ireland’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic



In a recent news release, Medicann announces the inauguration of Ireland's inaugural medical cannabis clinic, now open for patient registrations. Unlike the existing Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme in Ireland, Medicann's clinic extends treatment eligibility to cover a broader range of conditions treatable with medicinal cannabis.

Key Points

Expanding Eligibility Beyond Existing Parameters

Medicann's clinic is breaking new ground by offering medical cannabis treatment for a spectrum of conditions beyond the current Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme, which currently includes spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis, intractable nausea and vomiting linked to chemotherapy, and severe treatment-resistant epilepsy.

Proactive Patient Engagement Since August

While the clinic has just launched, potential patients have had the opportunity to express their interest in medical cannabis since August via an online registration system. This proactive approach aims to streamline the patient onboarding process.

Virtual Consultations for Eligibility

Interested parties can schedule virtual appointments with Medicann for evaluations through a secure health portal. This process determines whether individuals qualify for a medical cannabis prescription, covering various product forms such as flower, oils, and topical creams.

Financial Assistance through Government Program

Qualifying patients can also explore funding options through the government's Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme to alleviate the costs associated with medicinal cannabis.

CEO's Vision for Improved Quality of Life

Gary Whipp, CEO of Medicann Ireland, expresses optimism about enhancing patients' quality of life through medical cannabis. Drawing on four years of experience providing access to natural medication, Whipp looks forward to guiding patients in managing their conditions effectively.

The Medical Cannabis Access Programme, initiated in 2019, currently operates on a five-year pilot basis. Minister of Health Simon Harris signed legislation to enable the program, emphasizing compassionate access to cannabis for medical reasons when conventional treatments prove inadequate.

While medical cannabis availability expands, recreational cannabis remains illegal in Ireland. The government's focus is on compassionate access for medical purposes, leaving recreational legalization unaddressed.

Public support for recreational cannabis legalization has shown a gradual increase, as highlighted by a recent study. Despite a historical minority in favor, the survey indicates a rise in support, possibly influenced by positive discourse surrounding the medical utility of cannabis-based products.

Medicann's pioneering clinic marks a significant stride in Ireland's medical cannabis landscape, broadening access and providing an avenue for patients to explore alternative treatments beyond the existing program.

This story was originally published by High Times.