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Metrc Appoints a New Chief Technology Officer

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Metrc, the largest provider of regulatory technology for the cannabis industry, has appointed a new technology officer, Sam Peterson. Peterson brings onboard 25 solid years in technology leadership, software and product development and implementing SaaS growth strategies. He will be playing a key role in the creation of innovative regulatory products as well as  expansion into new markets. 

Prior to joining Metrc, Peterson was serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Boats Group which is a Florida-based software and advertising company in the marine space. In this capacity, he worked alongside a team of engineers and other specialists to deliver a world-class shopping experience for the boating industry. 

Metrc's leadership is hopeful that Sam's valuable expertise will be instrumental in ensuring that the company continues to meet customer needs and hence maintain its track record of 100% renewal rate. 

“The time is now to go all-in on the breadth and depth of Metrc’s offerings. Sam’s successful track record of building cutting-edge strategies and delivering exceptional results will take our dynamic platform to new levels and ensure we remain the top choice for our customers,” Michael Johnson, CEO of Metrc said.

Peterson is equally as enthusiastic about his new position at Metrc. “I’m excited to join this talented leadership team to further our position as the most efficient and reliable provider of track-and-trace technology,” he said.

Peterson is definitely an excellent addition to Metrc's leadership and we're looking forward to witnessing the full impact of this new hire. 



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