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Metrc Launches Trial For Sustainable RFID Tags



Metrc, the leading provider of cannabis regulation technology, has just launched a trial for sustainable  radio frequency identification (RFID) plant tags. The trial will run for a period of nine weeks and will involve select state agencies and licensees. The new tags have been designed to reduce waste and hence result in better overall environmental performance. The participating entities will provide feedback on the design, durability, and the readability of the sustainable RFID tags. The pilot program is intended to provide feedback that will be used to ensure maximum adoption of the new plant tags that will be rolled out into the market in 2023 as the company hopes for full adoption by the end of 2024.

During the nine-week pilot program, the participants will receive the sustainable plant tags and straps that will be shipped to them free of charge alongside some test instructions.  They will be expected to report back on several issues including the ease of separating the tag as well as the durability and readability of the tag. The participants will also receive round-the-clock support during the period of the trial.

Michael Johnson, CEO of Metrc has expressed great optimism about the project. “We are confident that our breakthroughs in RFID technology and compositions will allow us to continue improving the sustainability of our tags down the line, and we look forward to receiving real-time feedback from our partners participating in the pilot program,” he said.

Metrc’s sustainable tags contain 30 percent post-consumer waste (PCW). This provides a steady demand for recycled paper which comes from hemp (10%), and responsibly sourced and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified virgin paper fiber (60%). The hemp fiber improves the durability of the tags that are designed to be carbon neutral. Using recycled materials promotes sustainability by reducing carbon emissions, water wastage, energy consumption, and filling up of waste landfills. From estimations, this should save about 302, 00 pounds of wood which is about 910 solid trees in a year. The tags have a shelf life of nine months, this should cover the entire growing season. The tags also have a tag read range that is 17% more effective as compared to the read range of the current tags. In other words, the new tags are not only a sustainable option but they offer more benefits to licensed producers. We are excited to see how this pilot program will pan out and we will reporting back to you soon with the good news.


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