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Releaf’s Landmark Survey Reveals UK’s Medicinal Cannabis Landscape



On April 15th, 2023, Releaf conducted a comprehensive online survey among a nationally representative sample of UK adults to gain insights into the use and perceptions of medicinal cannabis in the country.

Key Findings

Potential Recipients: Approximately 29.6 million people in the UK could be potential medicinal cannabis recipients, as 50.2% of the surveyed sample had been diagnosed with a treatable condition.

Impact of Illness: The study highlighted that 41.5% of people with treatable conditions reported living with significant distress and discomfort.

Awareness of Legal Status: Only 67.7% of the UK adult population were aware that medicinal cannabis under prescription is legal, with 34.8% still under the impression that it wasn't, and 23.7% unsure.

Prescription Rates: Surprisingly, only two people in the survey (0.48%) reported having been prescribed medicinal cannabis.

Acceptance and Interest: 84.98% of people expressed acceptance of medicinal cannabis gummies as a form of treatment, and 67.7% said they would consider medicinal cannabis as a treatment option.

Concerns and Usage: 34.16% of participants were worried about being perceived as doing something illegal if they used medicinal cannabis, and 23.78% admitted to using cannabis without a prescription.

Insights from the Study

Releaf's research shed light on several crucial aspects of the UK's medicinal cannabis landscape. It highlighted a significant number of people with treatable conditions who could potentially benefit from medicinal cannabis. The study also revealed the substantial impact of these conditions on individuals' lives and the side effects experienced from current treatments.

The cannabis research emphasized the prevalent confusion about the legal status of medicinal cannabis in the UK, coupled with low prescription rates. Nevertheless, there was a notable interest in exploring medicinal cannabis as a treatment option, with over two-thirds of the UK adult population considering it.

However, the survey also raised concerns about social stigma and practical issues associated with medicinal cannabis use, indicating a need for education and reassurance to help potential users access its long-term benefits. Additionally, the report provided insights into the use of off-prescription cannabis for non-recreational purposes, with some individuals resorting to illicit, street cannabis to improve their health.

As one of the most significant studies on medicinal cannabis in the UK to date, Releaf's survey underscored the importance of understanding and addressing perceptions and experiences surrounding medicinal cannabis.

About Releaf

Releaf is the UK's pioneering all-in-one medicinal cannabis e-clinic. It offers a streamlined online service, simplifying the process for patients to obtain, consume, and benefit from medicinal cannabis. With an innovative monthly subscription model, patients receive their prescriptions directly to their door, complete with online doctor consultations at no additional cost. Releaf stands apart by providing a seamless patient journey through its platform, setting it apart from other companies in the UK.


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