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Meet the Team was designed to offer detailed analysis and news on cannabis, hemp, CBDs, and regulatory changes.

Learn about new investment opportunities, read interviews with industry leaders, and follow our thought leaders. All enable consumers, and investors to stay current on legislative and industry changes.

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Antoine Tardif
Antoine is a life long futurist, & Founder of He believes in both the health benefits of cannabis, and a future where the cannabis industry is fully legalized & regulated. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council.
Julia Granowicz-Johnson
Julia Granowicz-Johnson is a founder, copywriter, and journalism blogger with a passion for the cannabis plant and its uses in personal wellness and medicine. She advocates for the reform of cannabis laws around the globe through her writing and aims to bring attention to the negative impacts that prohibition has left in its wake.
Josh Kasoff
Josh Kasoff is a journalist and copywriter living in Las Vegas covering all aspects of the cannabis industry. From law and politics, to arts and entertainment as well as advocacy and further criminal justice reform. Along with interviewing the Nevada cannabis industry's most important decision makers and professionals, Josh has also worked directly in the Nevada industry for over five years in a variety of packaging, manufacturing, marketing and testing analysis roles.