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U.S. DHHS Releases Documents Supporting Rescheduling of Cannabis

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In a historic move, U.S. government officials have publicly released documents providing the rationale behind their recommendation to reclassify cannabis under federal law. For the first time, these documents affirm that, based on scientific analysis, cannabis has acceptable medical uses and poses a moderate to low risk of physical dependence.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) disclosed a heavily redacted August letter detailing its cannabis rescheduling recommendation, shedding light on its Schedule III suggestion after multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and legal actions. HHS also shared an unredacted 250-page rescheduling evaluation, highlighting the extensive process undertaken.

The rescheduling recommendation, prompted by President Joe Biden's directive in October 2022, aims to initiate an administrative process for cannabis's Controlled Substances Act (CSA) scheduling. HHS, after a comprehensive evaluation, recommends moving cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III, considering its potential for abuse, medical utility, and dependence factors.

The FDA's eight-factor analysis, assessing aspects like abuse potential, scientific evidence, and public health risks, led to the conclusion that cannabis should be rescheduled. Notably, HHS found more than 30,000 healthcare professionals authorized to recommend cannabis for various medical conditions, signaling widespread clinical experience.

In addition to recognizing cannabis's medical benefits, officials argue that the public health risks associated with cannabis are lower compared to substances like heroin, oxycodone, and cocaine, based on epidemiological data.

The DEA, having the final authority over rescheduling, emphasized its role in a December letter. The release of HHS documents sparks anticipation and support for cannabis rescheduling, with lawmakers urging swift action. However, legal experts caution that the process is still in its early stages, involving proposed rules, public participation periods, and potential hearings before full implementation.

This story was originally published by Cannabis Business Times.


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