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Cannabis 101:

5 Foods to Intensify Your Marijuana High



If you have a full stash of your favorite high potency strain you might not feel the need to intensify your high using different foods. But imagine that for some weird reason you have one last joint and want to squeeze out the last drop of goodness from it, how would you do that? You can switch your high a notch higher by trying out any of the five foods and beverages mentioned below.


Pairing cannabis with mangoes goes way back, even before the science of terpenes became a discussion in the public domain.  Mangoes are rich in a terpene   called myrcene that can intensify the cannabis high. Myrcene  increases the permeability of the blood brain barrier which should ideally restrict the amount of THC (euphoria-inducing cannabinoid). Myrcene in mangoes allows higher levels of THC to reach your brain and this amplifies how high you are likely to feel.


Apples contain a high amount of a flavonoid known as kaempferol. This flavonoids inhibits the action of the enzyme (FAAH) that breaks down the bliss molecule (anandamide) and removes it from the bloodstream. In this way, consuming apples will increase the levels of anandamide in circulation and hence intensify your high, for a short while. Other foods that are high in kaempferol include kale, spinach, chives, and watermelon. 


You’ve probably heard that mixing beer with cannabis is never a good idea, because of what is known as “greening out.” Research has shown that any dose of alcohol can increase the amount of THC in your bloodstream. Hence, a small amount of weed will provide amplified effects. While this might help you achieve a greater higher and within a shorter time, be careful not to overdo it.

Fish high in Omega 3 

Omega fats play a key role in supporting the endocannabinoid system; endocannabinoids are derived from them. Boosting your supply of omega fats will increase your circulating levels of endocannabinoids and promote the endocannabinoid tone. With an activated endocannabinoid system you are likely to fully appreciate the effects of THC. 


As you are probably aware, an empty stomach speeds up the absorption of any drug, THC included. By drinking lots of water and skipping a meal you can accelerate and intensify the effects of THC. 

How to Sober Up Quickly?

While it may be exciting to intensify your cannabis high, you might find that you can’t handle the excess nausea and paranoia. How do you come off such a high?

The truth is that while you are guaranteed of eventually sobering up, you might just have to “sit it out” in a calm and quiet place. Nothing stops you from trying a few tricks such as chewing on some black pepper balls, two or three will do. Pepper is high in a terpene known as beta-caryophyllene which has a relaxing and sedating effect. Some studies have shown that this terpene has activity in the CB2 receptors that might counter some of the adverse effects of THC. There’s no harm in tying that or any other trick that you might have come across!