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Ari Raptis, CEO of Talaria LLC- Interview Series



As we usher in the new year, the cannabis industry appears poised for a promising journey ahead. With evolving regulations and an increasing acceptance of cannabis, 2024 holds the potential for significant growth in this sector. Central to this growth is the intricate dance of logistics, a critical lifeline for an industry that navigates the movement of both cash and products under stringent laws and high-security demands. The cannabis industry, akin to a tightly regulated dance, relies heavily on robust logistics to ensure the smooth flow of operations, and one company at the forefront of this logistical dance is Talaria LLC.

In our recent interview with Ari Raptis, the CEO of Talaria, we delve into the unique challenges and opportunities that define the cannabis logistics landscape. Raptis, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in supply chain management, shares his journey into the cannabis industry, identifying a gap in crucial infrastructure and seizing the opportunity to propel the industry forward. The discussion explores the intricacies of setting up a logistics company for cannabis, shedding light on the strategies, pitfalls, and the innovative approaches adopted by Talaria.

MyCannabis: As a brief introduction, let us know how your career path led you to the cannabis industry.

Ari: I’ve been a serial entrepreneur my whole life, so I was naturally intrigued by the new, emerging cannabis industry and the opportunities it could bring. My work history in supply chain management and logistics made it easy to identify that cannabis was lacking crucial infrastructure and in turn, develop something that could push the

industry forward. I saw the opportunity to become a third-party transporter while in Pennsylvania six years ago and decided to move forward with building optimum logistics for the evolving industry.

MyCannabis: Can you briefly introduce Talaria LLC and the unique role that this company is playing in moving the cannabis industry forward.

Ari: Talaria provides a crucial infrastructure for an industry that lacks traditional transporters and distributors. It was like the stone age for ancillary services back when we launched in 2017, and we came in to provide a framework for this emerging industry that had been neglected by 21st-century services.

MyCannabis: Can you share the key challenges and opportunities you've encountered in providing secure and compliant logistics for the legal cannabis industry, and how Talaria LLC addresses them?

Ari: Operating in 27 different states means we deal with a host of different state-to-state regulations. To stay on top of the laws and regulations in each of our states, we have an extensive license and compliance team that keeps us in check. We only hire retired law enforcement for transportation, which also helps us stay in compliance without any

room for error.

MyCannabis: With the addition of National Secure Transport and Melly Home Delivery to the Talaria family, how do these affiliate companies complement and enhance Talaria's overall mission and service offerings?

Ari: Our core competence is secure logistics. The three companies provide a holistic approach to serving the logistics needs of the ancillary side of cannabis. On top of Talaria’s transportation services for raw materials, finished products, and lab samples, National Secure Transport provides infrastructure for cash vault services to facilitate

money into the banking system and Melly Go helps us compliantly deliver product to patients’ homes. Without Melly Go’s services, patients would need to drive through rain, snow, sleet, or shine to get the products they need.

Given the evolving regulatory landscape for cannabis, how does Talaria LLC stay ahead of compliance requirements to ensure the secure and legal transportation of cannabis products?

Ari: See key challenges – We have an extensive license and compliance team as well as retired law enforcement as drivers.

MyCannabis: What’s next for Talaria LLC?

Ari: We have a lot of new developments in the works. For Talaria, we’re introducing our distribution platform in New Jersey, New York, and other states. We’ve also made a considerable investment in warehousing and managing brands’ products to go to dispensaries. We hope to be in New York by early 2024 and New Jersey by March.

National Secure Transport is expanding into seven more states, which will expand our reach from 29 to 36 states by the end of 2024.

Melly Go is expanding services into Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

It was a great pleasure to have this conversation with Ari Raptis, CEO of Talaria LLC. Readers who wish to remain updated with what Talaria is doing are encouraged to check out their website.


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