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Elisabeth and Sherri Mack, Owners Bloom Hemp – Interview Series

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, medical practitioners play a pivotal role not only in administering treatments but also in providing crucial information and advocating for their patients' well-being. Within the burgeoning cannabis industry, where misinformation often abounds, these professionals stand as beacons of knowledge and support, guiding patients towards informed decisions and optimal health outcomes. Today, we have the privilege of speaking with two esteemed figures who have not only embraced this role but have also spearheaded transformative initiatives within the realm of medicinal cannabis.

Meet Elisabeth Mack and Sherri Tutkus, whose combined expertise and dedication have paved the way for a new era of patient-centered care. As pioneers in the field of cannabis nursing and coaching, Elisabeth and Sherri have leveraged their extensive backgrounds in conventional healthcare to empower both patients and fellow practitioners alike, ensuring access to credible information, personalized guidance, and high-quality products through their ventures at Holistic Caring and The Green Nurse.

MyCannabis: Welcome, Elisabeth and Sherri Mack! Can you walk us through the inspiration behind starting your business?

Elisabeth: Certainly! Holistic Caring was born out of my personal journey towards healing from orthopedic issues where conventional pharmaceuticals fell short. Through my private practice, I aimed to guide patients through the complexities of healthcare while educating nurses with comprehensive training tools.

Sherri: Similarly, my own transformative healing journey with plant therapeutics, particularly cannabinoids, led to the establishment of The Green Nurse. Overcoming a near-death experience, I found hope and restoration through these compounds, which inspired me to create a practice dedicated to guiding patients and fostering a community of advanced nurses.

MyCannabis: How did the strategic merging of Holistic Caring and The Green Nurse come about, and what does it aim to achieve?

Elisabeth: The strategic merger of our two entities aims to provide the most comprehensive programs and services in the realm of medicinal cannabis. Our curriculum and programs aim to reshape perceptions about this plant, focusing on its healing potential and the deep science behind it. We strive to empower healthcare professionals to integrate this knowledge into their practice, fostering a holistic approach to patient care.

Sherri: By combining forces, we have created the ultimate destination for nurses and practitioners seeking to enter the medicinal cannabis world. Through educational programs, masterminds, and access to high-quality CBD products, we aim to guide healthcare professionals on a transformative journey while mentoring them to become industry leaders.

Elisabeth and Sherri not only merged companies, they merged their lives. After meeting in person, they fell in love and were married 11/11/22.

MyCannabis: For those who are unfamiliar with your business, could you provide more insight into your journey and offerings?

Elisabeth: Certainly! Both Sherri and I had extensive careers in conventional healthcare before delving into cannabis therapeutics. Since 2015, we have been dedicated to cannabis nursing and coaching, creating educational systems for patients and professionals alike. My book, “Cannabis For Health: Become a Coach,” laid the foundation for our programs and curriculum development.

Sherri: In addition to counseling patients and mentoring health professionals, I also created the award-winning Green Nurse Podcast. Together, we acquired Bloom Hemp to further our mission. As CEO, I'm excited about ensuring high-quality CBD products and exceptional patient care.

MyCannabis: Could you elaborate on Bloom Hemp and its offerings?

Elisabeth: Bloom Hemp offers an extensive range of USDA Organic CBD products, meticulously crafted to target specific symptoms and provide natural healing compounds. Beyond products, we provide unparalleled customer service and support, including Free Email Care Plans and a dedicated Nurse Line staffed by trained Holistic Cannabis Nurses.

Sherri: It's important to note that despite the acquisition, Bloom Hemp remains a female and nurse-owned company committed to revolutionizing healthcare options and offering natural, alternative solutions for our customers.

Thank you, Elisabeth and Sherri Mack for sharing your inspiring journey and insights into your innovative business ventures! Readers can learn more about Blom Medical through:

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