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Ghanaian Loud Find its Way to Nigeria, Unveiling Links to Notorious Drug Lord



The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) of Nigeria successfully intercepted a substantial consignment of Ghanaian Loud, a potent strain of cannabis sativa. The cannabis, weighing a total of 14,524.8 kilograms, was smuggled into Lagos from Ghana and concealed in two trucks and a J5 bus.

The operation, executed on January 28, 2024, saw the NDLEA tracking and intercepting the three vehicles loaded with jumbo bags of the psychoactive substance at the Ojuelegba area of Lagos during the early hours. During the interception, two drivers evaded capture by jumping off their vehicles, while the third driver, 66-year-old Nasiru Ojomu, employed by the wanted Mushin-based drug baron Suleiman Jimoh (also known as Olowo Idi Ogede or Temo), was apprehended.

The NDLEA revealed that Temo, a notorious drug lord, has been linked to multiple shipments of the same psychoactive substance in the past three years, and efforts are underway to apprehend him as he remains in hiding.

In a related development, NDLEA operatives, during routine patrols around a sealed warehouse on Church Street, Idumota, Lagos, arrested three suspects—Joseph Joshua, Muhammed Adamu, and Balarabe Musa—on February 1. The trio had burgled the warehouse and loaded 546,700 pills of tramadol and other opioids into a yellow bus marked BDG 447 XD and an unregistered Suzuki minibus.

In a separate incident in Zaria, Kaduna state, a male deaf and dumb suspect involved in illicit substance dealings was arrested at the Samaru area. The suspect was found in possession of 150 grams of cannabis at the time of his arrest. Additionally, Ibrahim Sani, 56, was apprehended in Tirkaniya area with 51 kilograms of the same illicit substance.

The NDLEA continues its relentless efforts to combat drug trafficking and illegal substance abuse across the nation.

This story was first covered by The Vanguard Nigeria.

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