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Is Weed Legal in Lithuania?

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Yes, weed is legal in Lithuania but the program is restricted to medical use only. Recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in Lithuania. Possession of small amounts of cannabis, what can be assumed to be for personal use, is decriminalized and hence punished by a fine, “restriction of liberties,” or community service. Possession of large amounts of cannabis with intent to sell or distribute is a criminal offense and hence punishable by jail time. In 2021, a bill was introduced to fully decriminalize cannabis in the EU nation but it was voted against in parliament. 

Is Hemp Legal in Lithuania?

Yes, industrial hemp was legalized in Lithuania in 2013, five years before the US took a similar step. Hemp-derived CBD is also legal in Lithuania. Like other EU countries, legal hemp in Lithuania must not exceed a THC content of 0.2%. The Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department (DBACD) has set its THC limit at 0% THC.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Lithuania?

Yes, medical cannabis was legalized in Lithuania in 2018. Doctors can prescribe medical cannabis to patients with “qualifying conditions” that warrant the use of cannabis as medication. Unlike the US, doctors can only prescribe medical cannabis for conditions which have research proving their safety and efficacy. While this is standard for other medicines, the long and dark era of cannabis prohibition prevents this from being a reality in cannabis.  Cannabis research has faced a lot of setbacks unjustifiably, and the current scheduling of cannabis doesn’t make things any better. Medical doctors in Lithuania wishing to prescribe medical cannabis battle many odds and this has final repercussions on patients needing medical cannabis in the country. To date no patient has been able to access this form of treatment legally.

Can You Grow Weed Legally in Lithuania?

No, it is illegal to cultivate weed in Lithuania. A few licensed farmers can however grow and process industrial hemp legally.


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