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Is Weed Legal in Montenegro? (June 2023)

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Weed is illegal in Montenegro. However, the country serves as the major transit route for cannabis moving from Albania to western Europe. The illicit market for cannabis appears to be booming and it's not uncommon to find citizens smoking cannabis in public without any consequences.

About Montenegro

Montenegro is located in southeastern Europe, specifically on the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by several countries: Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, and Croatia to the west. Montenegro is characterized by diverse landscapes, including rugged mountains, stunning coastlines along the Adriatic Sea, and picturesque lakes.

Medical Cannabis in Montenegro

Medical cannabis is illegal in Montenegro. A bill by the Liberal Party to legalize medical cannabis was rejected. No other bill has been introduced since then.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Montenegro?

No,Cannabis has not been decriminalized in Montenegro; at least, no law has been passed to this effect. However, possession and use of small amounts of cannabis usually goes unpunished. Carrying up to 60 grams of cannabis is likely to be inconsequential.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Montenegro?

No, recreational cannabis is illegal in Monte Negro. The possession, use or sale of narcotics (including marijuana) in Montenegro is punishable by imprisonment of between six months to five years, according to Article 300, Section 6 of the constitution.

Is Hemp Legal in Montenegro?

The legal status of hemp in Montenegro is unclear. Montenegro is “not yet” a member of the EU but it is a candidate to get EU membership. The EU defines legal hemp as cannabis sativa with THC levels not exceeding 0.2%. It can be presumed that hemp should be legal in Montenegro for as long as the EU recommendations are adhered to. However, the western Balkan country is yet to create definitive laws and regulations around the cultivation, production, or sale of hemp/

Is CBD Legal in Montenegro?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in Montenegro and one can easily find shops selling CBD in the cities.

Can I Grow Cannabis in Montenegro?

No, it is illegal to grow weed in Montenegro.

Will Montenegro Legalize Cannabis?

Currently, there are no signs that Montenegro is likely to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational use.