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Is Weed Legal in Morocco? (April 2024)

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Yes, cannabis has been legalized in Morroco but the industry is restricted to medical and industrial use. Morocco has been known for its large-scale production and export of cannabis, particularly in the Rif Mountains region. The cultivation and consumption of cannabis have historically been tolerated to some extent, primarily for traditional and cultural purposes. The government has taken measures to crack down on illegal cannabis cultivation and smuggling, as the use of cannabis for recreational purposes remains illegal.

Morocco has held a prominent position as one of the leading global producers of cannabis for a considerable period. In June 2021, Parliament approved a law aimed at regulating the cultivation of the plant for medical, cosmetic, and industrial purposes, while maintaining strict prohibition on production and use for recreational purposes.

This newly enacted legislation encompasses various aspects of cannabis regulation, including cultivation requirements, seed importation, and product exportation. However, the delayed implementation of the law has resulted in frustration and distrust between farmers and the government, creating opportunities for traffickers to persist in their illicit activities. This situation not only impacts the country but also affects the wider region.

Conditions for Imports/Exports of Cannabis

Under the law, there are specific conditions for the import and export of cannabis seeds and plants. These conditions are outlined in Article 3 of the legislation, which states that authorization from the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-related activities (ANRAC) is required.

To be eligible for import and/or export authorizations, individuals must be Moroccan citizens, meet age criteria, and fulfill all conditions set by the existing regulations that govern the production and sale of cannabis seeds and seedlings, as stated in Article 12.

Furthermore, Article 13 specifies that authorized individuals can only import seeds and plants that have been certified by ANRAC, with joint approval from the Ministries of Interior and Agriculture. The certified cannabis must bear a label indicating approval and providing information such as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content rate of the variety.

Morocco's customs office clarifies that ANRAC has the authority to withdraw certification if a cannabis variety no longer meets the conditions on which the certification was initially granted, as outlined in Article 4 of the aforementioned decree.

Article 17 addresses the prohibition on manufacturing products with THC content that exceeds the level set by regulations. The THC rate, either 100 or 1%, should be determined by a joint decree from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Agriculture.

When it comes to the destruction of cannabis products, seeds, and plants, the process must be conducted in the presence of a commission approved by ANRAC.

For the import of cannabis products, an authorization from ANRAC is necessary. ANRAC holds the sole authority to grant authorization for the export of cannabis and its products for medical, pharmaceutical, or industrial purposes, as stated in Articles 3 and 19 of the enacted law. Transportation of cannabis and related products requires an authorization issued by ANRAC.

Morocco Issues First Set of Licenses

In November 2022, a state agency in Morocco announced the issuance of the initial 10 permits for the industrial, medical, and export use of cannabis. This development follows the enactment of a law last year.

Under the new regulations, farmers in the northern mountain regions of Al Houceima, Taounat, and Chefchaouen, who form cooperatives, will gradually gain authorization to cultivate cannabis in order to meet the demands of the legal market.

But just like it has happened in other countries, it will be a while before the legal cannabis industry in Morocco is streamlined.

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