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Minnesota Groups Oppose Marijuana Legalization

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Several groups in Minnesota have come together to form a collation that opposes marijuana legalization in the state. This coalition was announced on Monday and the aim is to push for an anti-cannabis agenda before the start of the next legislative session that is coming up next week.

The pro-cannabis bill was passed during the last session; this was the first time both chambers had taken a vote on cannabis legalization. This proposal would see to it that adults in Minnesota are able to use marijuana recreationally. The bill also has a social justice aspect that would help those with prior convictions have their criminal records expunged.

The coalition, which has been dubbed “Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization” is made up of different groups including the Minnesota Trucking Association, The Catholic Church, and the Minnesota police and peace arm among others.

The anti-cannabis collation has raised several issues with the bill including:

  • Road safety issues related to more drivers driving under the influence of marijuana
  • More people may fail pre-employment drug tests
  • More marijuana impairment n workplaces

Ryan Hamilton, from the catholic group, expressed concerns over the commercialization of the bill. In his view, the marijuana bill would not be delivered on the promise of justice or economic prosperity for minority groups. On the other hand, it would only lead to commercialization of the herb and other ills that will come with abuse of the drug, as has been seen in other states.

The Democratic House Majority Leader who is also the author of the bill, Ryan Winkler, has promised to re-examine contentious parts of the bill and make the necessary modifications. While supporters of the bill remain hopeful, with this new anti-legalization force it is unclear whether Minnesota will become a green state any time soon.


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