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Mosaic’s “Starbucks-Like Model” Set To Revolutionize Cannabis eCommerce



With the global surge in internet usage, boasting over five billion users, online purchases are on a continual rise. In 2022, retail e-commerce sales surpassed 5.7 trillion U.S. dollars globally, and this upward trend is projected to continue. Cannabis dispensaries stand to lose significant opportunities if they neglect the burgeoning online market.

Mosaic, a leading SaaS company, is spearheading a transformative shift in the cannabis industry with its comprehensive eCommerce and loyalty platform. The model adapted by Mosaic offers a seamless ecommerce experience that we found out is very similar to the Starbucks well known model. This is bound to be a gamechanger for the cannabis industry which has for a long time grappled with fragmented solutions for eCommerce, loyalty programs, and payments. Dispensaries often have to juggle multiple systems, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in customer experience. 

How is Mosaic changing this? 

By providing dispensaries with their own branded eCommerce online menu, app, loyalty rewards program, and payments platform, Mosaic is setting a new standard for cannabis retail.

Below are the key components reminiscent of the effectiveness of Starbucks' digital customer experience that Mosaic provides, offering a seamless solution and experience in comparison to other options within the cannabis industry.

Unified Platform

Mosaic offers a unified platform that integrates eCommerce, loyalty rewards programs, and payments, streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement. This contrasts with the fragmented solutions prevalent in the cannabis industry.

Integrated Payment Platform

One of the most significant advantages of Mosaic's approach is its integrated payments platform. Just as Starbucks seamlessly processes payments through its app, Mosaic enables dispensaries to accept seamless payments, providing convenience and security to customers while simplifying transactions for businesses. This reduces the risk of compliance issues and security concerns often associated with cannabis transactions.

Branded Mobile Apps

Much like how Starbucks provides its customers with a personalized experience through its app, Mosaic empowers dispensaries to provide their own branded mobile experience. This not only facilitates easy access to products but also strengthens brand loyalty among consumers. 

Loyalty Reward Program

Mosaic's loyalty rewards program allows dispensaries to incentivize repeat purchases and foster long-term relationships with customers, mirroring the effectiveness of Starbucks' renowned loyalty program. 

Customization Options

Mosaic's emphasis on customization sets it apart from the competition. Dispensaries branded online menus, apps, and loyalty programs enable them to reflect their unique branding and offerings, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for customers. This level of customization is unparalleled in the cannabis industry and mirrors the attention to detail that Starbucks applies to its stores and products.

By offering these key components within a seamless solution, Mosaic is  revolutionizing cannabis retail, raising the bar for excellence in the industry, and providing an experience akin to the effectiveness of Starbucks' digital customer experience.

How Mosaic Compares to Other Solutions 

Feature/CapabilityMosaiceCommerce ProvidersDigital

Payment Providers

CRM & Loyalty ProvidersReporting, Analytics, Data Visibility
Branded eCommerce Online Menu✔️ Offers fully branded eCommerce online menu for dispensaries, enhancing brand identity and customer experience.❌ Provides basic eCommerce iFrame solutions without branding options.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.
App✔️ Provides dispensaries their own branded mobile app for easy access and ordering.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Provides dispensaries a mobile app for loyalty solutions❌ Doesn't offer.
Loyalty Rewards Program✔️ Offers loyalty rewards program functionality, allowing dispensaries to retain and incentivize customers.❌ Doesn't offer but integrates basic functionality with others.❌ Doesn't offer.✔️ Offers loyalty rewards program functionality, allowing dispensaries to retain and incentivize customers.❌ Doesn't offer.
Online Digital Payments✔️ Provides integrated payments, offering seamless transactions and multiple payment options.✔️ Offers a basic payments platform, allowing transactions but with fewer options.❌ Provides payments and integrates with others.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.
Kiosks✔️ Provides lockdown kiosks functionality for in-store self-support❌ Unable to provide lockdown kiosk functionality❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.
QR Codes✔️ Offers individual product QR codes for easy scan and access to digital❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.
SEO Product Indexing✔️ Provides robust indexing for SEO, enhancing online visibility and discoverability for dispensaries' products.❌ Doesn't offer SEO product indexing with due to iFrame architecture limitations.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.
Full Visibility to User Online Activity✔️ Provides and enables full visibility to all user online activity, offering insights for marketing and optimization strategies.❌ Provides minimal visibility to user online activity due to iFrame architecture limitations.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Doesn't offer.❌ Provides robust data analytics which is enhanced with data visibility provided by Mosaic


As the cannabis market continues to evolve and mature, forward-thinking companies like Mosaic are paving the way for innovation and growth. By embracing technology and customer-centric solutions, Mosaic is empowering dispensaries to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape while delivering exceptional experiences to cannabis consumers. Just as Starbucks has become synonymous with quality and convenience in the coffee industry, Mosaic is poised to become a game-changer in cannabis eCommerce.



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