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Ricardo P. Guimarães, Founder and CEO of CBD Brasil – Interview Series



In Brazil, the nascent cannabis market faces formidable challenges stemming from stringent ANVISA regulations and persistent public misconceptions fueled by years of stigma. While recent regulatory changes, including ANVISA's allowance for controlled CBD importation and potential domestic cultivation for medical use, signify progress, navigating the intricate regulatory landscape remains cumbersome. This of course places considerable responsibility on medical professionals and contrasts starkly with the U.S., where a more hands-off FDA approach has led to an inundation of unregulated products. Brazil's strict regulations, though restrictive, ensure that only patients with valid prescriptions access treatments, ensuring a level of safety and control. Yet, shifting public perceptions present another hurdle. Dispelling myths and misconceptions requires a delicate balance between accessibility and safety, highlighting the importance of learning from international experiences to forge a regulatory framework that maximizes therapeutic potential while safeguarding against risks. As Brazil charts its course in the medicinal cannabis arena, a nuanced approach is imperative to cultivate a landscape that fosters innovation, accessibility, and public trust. In this interview, Ricardo P. Guimarães, Founder and CEO of CBD Brasil sheds light on the cannabis landscape in Brazil and how CBD Brasil is making an impact.

Can you share the story of how you found yourself in the cannabis industry and what motivated you to establish CBD Brasil as a comprehensive cannabis consultancy in Brazil?

I am Ricardo P. Guimarães, born on August 26, 1968, in Rio de Janeiro, and now a dual citizen of Brazil and the United States, residing in California. My journey into the cannabis industry stems from personal and professional experiences that highlighted the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, motivating me to establish CBD Brasil as a comprehensive cannabis operation.

As a Certified Cannabis Senior Advisor and Master of Cannabis by CTU & Healer’s Institute, my background includes extensive experience as a volleyball coach and business administrator. However, my path took a significant turn due to the profound impact cannabis had on managing my chronic shoulder tendinitis and the long-term effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) I suffered in childhood.

My medical journey with cannabis began in the 1990s in California, where I first received a medical license and prescription for cannabis derivatives. Over the years, my involvement in the cannabis sector deepened, leading to the foundation of Medicinal Cannabis Headquarters, a branch of Energia Group and of CBD Brazil. These ventures aim to provide a reliable source of information, education, and support for cannabis use and cultivation, reflecting my commitment to improving understanding and acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal aid.

Throughout my career, I have been  actively involved in educating others about the benefits of cannabis, culminating in the publication of “Eu e o Cannabis.” This e-book aims to share my experiences and insights into the plant's therapeutic potential, challenging the negative perceptions surrounding it.

My life's work, influenced by personal experiences and a deep-rooted belief in the healing powers of cannabis, continues to drive my efforts in promoting its responsible use and research. Through CBD Brasil and Medicinal Cannabis Headquarters, I aspire to contribute significantly to the global understanding and acceptance of cannabis as a valuable medicinal resource.

With the positive reception of CBD Brasil's products by both patients and the scientific community, can you elaborate on the challenges and successes you've encountered in ensuring the legal importation of these crucial medications, particularly in compliance with ANVISA's regulations?

Thank you, Lydia, for your question.

The journey with CBD Brasil in navigating the complexities of legal importation, particularly in compliance with ANVISA's regulations, has been both challenging and rewarding. One of the main hurdles we've faced is the stringent regulatory framework governing the importation of cannabis-based products in Brazil. Ensuring that our products meet the high standards set by ANVISA requires meticulous attention to detail and rigorous testing to verify their quality, safety, and efficacy.

Complying with ANVISA's regulations has required a deep understanding of the legal framework and building strong relationships with regulatory bodies. We've faced challenges, particularly in the early days, as we worked to establish trust and a track record of compliance. However, the positive reception of our products by both patients and the scientific community has been instrumental in overcoming these hurdles. It has demonstrated the real need and demand for quality, legal cannabis-based medications in Brazil.

CBD Brasil is gearing up for a significant milestone with its participation in the 3rd Medicinal Cannabis Expo and Scientific Congress. How do you envision this event impacting the awareness and acceptance of medicinal cannabis in Brazil, and what role do you see CBD Brasil playing in shaping the industry's future in the country?

As the founder of CBD Brasil, I am pleased to discuss our experiences and vision, especially in the context of the legal importation of cannabis products and our participation in major industry events.

Looking ahead to the 3rd Medicinal Cannabis Expo and Scientific Congress, we are excited about the potential impact of this event on the awareness and acceptance of medicinal cannabis in Brazil. We envision the event as a pivotal platform for education and dialogue, where the latest research, treatment innovations, and regulatory developments can be shared. CBD Brasil aims to play a leading role in this congress, not only by showcasing our products and services but also by contributing to the broader conversation about the future of medicinal cannabis in Brazil.

Our participation in the expo and congress is an opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency, safety, and benefits of medicinal cannabis, supported by scientific evidence and patient testimonies. We believe this event will significantly advance the understanding and acceptance of medicinal cannabis in Brazil, paving the way for more accessible and comprehensive cannabis-based treatments.

Adding to our discussion, the 3rd Medicinal Cannabis Expo and Scientific Congress will also mark the launch of our strategic partnership with CBDFx in the Brazilian market.

The exclusive partnership with CBDFx is an exciting development for CBD Brasil. Could you provide insights into how this partnership came about and the specific benefits it brings to your venture and the medicinal cannabis community in Brazil?

Navigating Brazil's bureaucratic hurdles to import and distribute medicinal cannabis products is a daunting task, yet with our adept team and strategic alliances, notably with CBDFx, we've adeptly surmounted these challenges. Our success hinges on CBD Brasil's specialized regulatory, legal, and logistical prowess, ensuring compliance with ANVISA regulations. The partnership with CBDFx not only broadens our product range with high-quality CBD offerings but also assures stringent quality standards, expands our market reach, and fosters community acceptance of medicinal cannabis in Brazil. We extend profound gratitude to CBDFx for entrusting us to deliver these transformative products to the Brazilian populace, marking a pivotal advancement for CBD Brasil and the medicinal cannabis sector, reinforcing our commitment to efficacious and reliable treatments.

As the founder and owner of CBD Brasil, how do you see the landscape of the medicinal cannabis sector evolving in Brazil, considering both regulatory changes and shifting public perceptions?

As the founder and owner of CBD Brasil, I approach the evolving landscape of Brazil's medicinal cannabis sector with cautious optimism. While regulatory changes, such as ANVISA's recent steps towards controlled CBD importation and potential domestic cultivation, indicate progress, challenges persist. Brazil's stringent regulations, unlike the more laissez-faire approach in the U.S., aim to ensure safety and control but burden medical professionals and limit accessibility. Despite shifting public perceptions towards medicinal cannabis, fueled by increased awareness, dispelling misconceptions remains a significant hurdle. Learning from international experiences, particularly the U.S., Brazil must strike a balance between regulation and accessibility to provide safe and effective treatments without denying those in need. Moving forward, a balanced approach that integrates scientific research and education is crucial to harnessing the therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis while mitigating risks.

With the mission of CBD Brasil extending beyond distribution to encompass a comprehensive cannabis consultancy, how do you approach educating and informing stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, about the benefits and nuances of medicinal cannabis in Brazil?

At CBD Brasil, we offer more than distribution; we provide a comprehensive cannabis consultancy service, recognizing the pivotal role of healthcare professionals in Brazil in prescribing medicinal cannabis and its acceptance. Our educational initiatives for healthcare professionals encompass structured methodologies, including courses, workshops, symposiums, and a mentoring program, aimed at imparting knowledge on CBD and medicinal cannabis. Additionally, we're establishing a consortium of knowledgeable professionals to facilitate peer learning, promote collaboration, and advance clinical practice. Through continuous monitoring and guidance, we empower professionals with the latest research and clinical data, fostering informed decision-making. Our proactive approach aims to build a knowledgeable community, enhancing patient care and advancing the medicinal cannabis sector in Brazil.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future of CBD Brasil, and how do you foresee the company contributing to the broader advancement of medicinal cannabis access and research in Brazil?

In the next decade, CBD Brasil aims for growth and innovation, positioning itself as a leader in medicinal cannabis production and distribution domestically and internationally. We plan to develop our own line of high-quality products, guided by rigorous research and innovation, setting new standards in the Brazilian market and contributing to the global discourse on medicinal cannabis. Additionally, we're committed to advancing Brazilian scientific research through investments in collaboration with local institutions, aiming to broaden our understanding of cannabis's therapeutic potential. Furthermore, we see potential in exploring the industrial applications of hemp, aiming to contribute to sustainable development across various industries. With a focus on quality, innovation, and scientific advancement, CBD Brasil strives to improve access to medicinal cannabis, support research, and explore hemp's industrial potential for the betterment of individuals and the medicinal cannabis sector in Brazil and beyond.

It was a great pleasure to have this interview with Ricardo P. Guimarães, Founder and CEO of CBD Brasil. You can learn more about CBD Brasil from their website.

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