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Auto flowering Cannabis Strains Guide




Autoflowering cannabis strains have become well-known for their speed of growth, resilience, and overall growing ease. These traits not only make them ideal for beginners, and also experienced growers who are looking for a low maintenance breed, they also maximize turnover.

While many growers have for a long time associated autos with weed that is low-grade, and viewed the speed of their maturation as a potency trade-off, that is no longer the case. Innovative breeders have now created a new batch of strains which not only boast rapid flowering times, they also contain enviable THC and CBD levels that actually rival a good number of photoperiod strains.

Join us as we guide you through the best auto flower strains for you to cultivate in 2021!

What is an autoflowering cannabis strain?

The major variant of Autoflowering strains of cannabis is that they progress to the flowering stage automatically. This means that unlike photoperiod (or short day) strains that require a switching of the light or timing of the climate, these species will switch to flowering based on their age, without any tweaking of their light to darkness ratios. Auto flowers mature relatively fast, and usually have quite generous yields. They could thus take as short as 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest.

We will discuss the best auto strains but first let us look at the advantages of growing them in the first place.

The advantages of Auto Flower Strains?

With all the different cannabis strains you can grow, here are some reasons that make auto strains one of the best options out there: 

  • Quick maturity. In 10 weeks or less.
  • Their cannabis ruderalis heritage induces them to flower in 2-3 weeks post germination. 
  • Can be kept in the same environment for both the flowering, and vegetative phases. Photoperiod strains on the other hand require timing and tweaking of the environment to induce, and support these different phases. 
  • Auto flowers have quite simplified seed production, and one plant can produce hundreds of seeds without much input. 
  • Autoflowering plants usually do not pruning or training as they typically grow quite short. This makes them ideal for beginners who don’t yet know their way around growing. 
  • Can yield multiple harvests in one year due to their short flowering time.
  • Are great for stealthy outdoor growing as they grow low.
  • Have the ability to withstand relatively harsh weather conditions such as long winters. 

So, which are the best autoflower strains?

In considering the best auto flower strains, several factors come into play: the vast number and characteristics of autoflowers available. Even among the general autoflower family, there are those that reign supreme in grow, potency, and effects. Here are the ones we consider to be at the top of the pile:

Royal gorilla automatic

This is an extra potent strain from the West Coast of the US, and is a cross between Royal Cookies, Royal Gorilla, and of course ruderalis. Clocking in at an impressive 20% THC content, this strain delivers quite the knock-out punch which starts off  as a happy, heady euphoria that leads to an award winning relaxing couch-lock. Its flavours are of pine and citrus with fruity notes. 

Royal Gorilla Automatic matures within 8-10 weeks and has high yields of up to 400g/m² when grown indoors. 

Blue Dream AutoflowerLemon OG H

Another high ranking Auto Flower Strain is the Blue Dream. It is an easy grow, and has very high yields which could be in the upwards of 400 gr/m2. Though it is a sativa strain, Blue Dream Autoflower grows quite fast and is usually ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks. 

Blue dream is a delightful indulgence which has sweet blueberry overtones with a pleasant cerebral high that also relaxes you from tip to toe. Its potent 14% THC content will ensure that your mood shifts and you start seeing the brighter side of life. Is it clear now why it is a top-pick?

Train Wreck Autoflower

Train Wreck Autoflower has Spanish roots, and happens to be a direct descendant of the original Cali Trainwreck mixed with cannabis ruderalis. The name of this autoflower strain will leave you thinking it will get you totally wasted. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Though it has a relatively high THC content of 16.5%, its mind bending effects are more euphoric, creative, and happy. It is also quite effective in the treatment of ADD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and ADHD. 

Perhaps the origin of its name is how fast its effects hit you, which gives almost instant relief to those taking it for medicinal purposes. 

When growing, it has a stupendous short period of seed to harvest of just 8 weeks, the shortest yet. Its yields, though still quite high, clocks lower than the rest at 250 grams/m2.  This is however made up for by the copious amounts of resin it has on its buds that have a fruity flavor with peppery, citrusy undertones. This is an absolutely great strain to grow. 

Northern light automatic

You cannot list the best autoflowering weed strains without mentioning Northern Light automatic. This is a staple that was bred in the 1970s in the US but combining Afghan genetics. It has reliability, versatility, vigor, and great yields to boot! Perfect for indoor growing, this strain grows to only 90-120cm but can have staggering yields of up to 550g/m² given optimum conditions, with a plant outdoors yielding up to 200g/plant.

It matures in 9-10 weeks after germination and has a sultry taste with a high that has a great cerebral lift accompanied by immense relaxation.. If you need a superb nighttime smoke to induce your some chill time, this is it. However, it could also be used any other time of the day.  

Silver Bullet Autoflower

If you are seeking to experience a high that is refreshing, clear headed, and intense, you have landed on the right autoflower strain.  

This is a feminized weed strain which combines the heady sativa effects with high THC levels of 19%, resulting in a very strong head high. However, despite the intensity of the cerebral high, you will still be lucid enough for intelligent conversation and even a couple of work related tasks. 

It has a strong smell of incense with a woody aroma that has citrusy notes. Overall, it is a sweet smoke that you are bound to take great pleasure in. 

This is an autoflower strain that can do well any time of the year, given mild weather, and matures in roughly 70 days with generously bountiful yields. 

White LSD Autoflower

Another Sativa Dominant autoflower, White LSD autoflower has high THC levels of up to 20%. Its psychedelic effects are distinct with a high that is very unique. Starting sharply at the temples, the cerebral high spreads slowly inducing feelings of euphoria and inspiration which incidentally sharpen your creativity, and have a positive effect on your mood. The high spreads to the body, relaxing it intensely and invoking feelings of happiness and ease. A white LSD high is the gift that keeps on giving….it will last, and last…

White LSD Autoflower is a very easy grow that matures in 8-10 weeks, and yields an average of 300-400 gm/m2. Its aroma is earthy marijuana speckled with spicy undertones. This strain can be grown both indoors and out. If you want your cents to count, look no further.

Lemon OG Haze Autoflower

A strain with very varied genetics mixing OG Kush, Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, and Northern Lights, this is definitely quite a blend. It is both easy to grow, and has impressive yields. Flowering in the shortest period yet of just 6-8 weeks, this strain has a staggering harvest of between 325-425 g/m2.

A cautionary note is to provide it with adequate ground space as it spans wide. This is an autoflowering strain that is definitely worth the trouble. 

OG Kush Autoflower

Like its parent OG Kush, OG Kush Autoflower is now predominantly used as a “genetic donor staple” in the West Coast and beyond. 

It matures in 7-9 weeks, and yields between 250 to 350 gm/m2. 

This autoflower has the classic OG Kush taste, which is diesel overtones with lime and fruity hints. 

It is sativa dominant with THC levels of up to 18% that will give you a high which is both intensely cerebral, and has a lasting body stone. 

For such a dominant strain, it grows surprisingly short, which makes it ideal to grow in small spaces. 

With such staples, you are not likely to go very wrong.

Best Autoflower Cannabis seeds

As we mentioned earlier, autoflower strains are very easy to grow seed to harvest, which means there are a vast number of autoflower cannabis seeds available for purchase. 

One of the best autoflower cannabis seeds is Blue Dream Autoflower. Not only are the seeds readily available, it has very high success rates with its plants growing quite fast despite it being sativa dominant.

Other best autoflowering seeds are: 

  • White Widow auto seeds
  • Girl Scout Cookies auto seeds
  • Gorilla Glue auto seeds
  • Northern Lights auto seeds
  • Pineapple Express auto seeds
  • Blue Dream auto seeds
  • Super Skunk auto seeds
  • Blackberry Kush auto seeds

Best Autoflower Strains For Indoors

As autoflowering cannabis strains do not generally grow very tall, they are mostly suited for indoor growth. When choosing a specific auto flower strain to grow indoors, you should consider several factors such as how much light they will need, their ability to resist mold, and other conditions that may be more prevalent in indoor growing. Some of the best autoflower strains for indoor growth are:

  • Star dawg
  • CBD Crack
  • Girl scouts cookies
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Rhino Ryder

Best Autoflowering Seeds Feminized

Feminized seeds were first created to maximize the incidence of female cannabis plants. To be precise, feminized seeds generally result in 99.9% of the plants being female. If your main aim is a bounty harvest of sticky resinous buds, this would be the ideal choice for you. It will help you streamline the growing process, and it also ends up being very cost effective. Some of the best autoflowering feminized seeds are:

  • Northern Lights Auto Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds)
  • Silver Bullet Feminised Autoflower
  • Royal Gorilla feminized seeds
  • Sweet ZZ feminized seeds

Best Tasting Autoflower

Because your autoflower has grown fast, and with minimum effort to boot, it does not mean it can’t be an absolute delight to consume. Breeders have come up with very tasty options. Some of them are:

  • Tangie’matic Auto (Tangerine, Spicy)
  • Purple Lemonade Auto (Lemon)
  • Sugar Black Rose Auto (Fresh Flowers, Ripe Grapes)
  • Blackberry Auto (Fruity, and Sweet)
  • Zkittlez Auto (Candy Sweet)

Best Indica Autoflower

Indicas are revered for both their recreational, and medicinal benefits. Typically, they are known to offer strong pain relief, at the same time eliminating stress, anxiety, and insomnia. They also relieve tension in both the mind and body due to their great relaxation properties.

The option of having these potent indica properties in autoflowering strains is a very welcome one which now has customers able to grow them in their own homes. 

These diverse options of indica-hybrids allow growers to choose from a wide range. Whether you are in search of pain relief, heavy sedation, or even a euphoric buzz, choosing an indica autoflower to grow will give you results you want in seemingly no time at all.

Below are some of the most celebrated Indica autoflowering cannabis strains: 

  • Lsd-25
  • OG Kush autoflower
  • Blackberry
  • West Coast OG
  • Rhino ryder
  • G14

Best Autoflower Genetics 

The genetics of autoflowering strains are predominantly ruderalis. Despite the fact that growers do not often cultivate pure ruderallis plants as they are often small and shrubby, and have low yields that are low in THC, to breeders, they are like gold. They use the genetics of the ruderalis plants infused with well-known photoperiod Indica and sativa strains to come with potent autoflowering strains. 

Below are the five cannabis strains that have the best autoflower genetics:

  • Gorilla Glue
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • AK 47 
  • Santa Maria
  • Northern Lights x Big Bud


Autoflowering cannabis strains are the answer to long growing processes, and single harvests preseason. Though once considered inferior, autoflowers have proved that they are just as potent, and as tasty, as photoperiod cannabis plants. They also have the additional benefits of shorter grow times and abundant harvests, even allowing for multiple grows in one season.

If you have never tried out an autoflowering strain, it’s high time you did! (pun intended).