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DEA Asserts Unilateral Control Over Marijuana Rescheduling Decisions

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In a letter dated December 19, 2023, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) responded to Representative Earl Blumenauer's inquiries, underlining the agency's unwavering stance on its sole authority in marijuana rescheduling decisions. The letter contained findings and recommendations on the scheduling of marijuana as part of an administrative review initiated by President Biden. The process involved a scientific and medical evaluation by HHS, followed by a review conducted by the DEA. Crucially, the DEA retains the final and exclusive authority to make decisions regarding the scheduling, rescheduling, or descheduling of a drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

The DEA expressed gratitude for Representative Blumenauer's continuous interest in their work and welcomed the opportunity to collaborate on these significant issues. The letter emphasizes the importance of continued dialogue and cooperation between the DEA and congressional representatives on matters related to drug scheduling and regulation.

The DEA's response reaffirms the agency's exclusive authority in marijuana rescheduling decisions, emphasizing the final decision-making power resting solely with the DEA. The letter provides insight into the ongoing administrative review process, showcasing the DEA's commitment to maintaining transparency and adherence to established criteria. The cooperative approach between the DEA and congressional representatives remains crucial in addressing key issues in drug regulation.

You can access the letter here.

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