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Is Weed Legal in Peru? (February 2024)

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Yes, Peru legalized medical cannabis back in 2017. Possession of small amounts of cannabis not exceeding 8 grams has also been decriminalized. Recreational cannabis however remains illegal in Peru.

About Peru

Peru is located on the western coast of South America. It is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  Peru is renowned for its vibrant culture and rich heritage. It has a diverse population with a mix of indigenous, European, African, and Asian influences.

Medical Cannabis in Peru

In 2017, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's administration unveiled a plan to legalize medical cannabis in Peru. This announcement came in the wake of a police raid in Lima, where an operation providing cannabis medicines to 80 families with children suffering from epilepsy and other illnesses was shut down. Following these events, Peru's congress passed a bill legalizing cannabis oil for medical purposes with an overwhelming majority of 68 votes in favor and only 5 against.

Fast forward to June 2021, when Cannabis & Co. achieved a significant milestone by opening the first authorized dispensary in Peru dedicated to the sale of medicinal marijuana. Prior to the opening, the company obtained permits and signed consent from four key Peruvian government entities, ensuring compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Peru?

Yes, the possession of small amounts of cannabis not exceeding 8 grams is considered a civil offense that is punishable by a small fine.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Peru?

No, recreational cannabis is not legal in Peru. Possession of cannabis that exceeds 8 grams is punishable by a prison sentence of between 8 to 15 years.

 Is Hemp Legal in Peru?

Yes, hemp, also termed as non-psychoactive cannabis was legalized in Peru in 2019. Non-psychoactive cannabis whose content of THC is less than 1% (dry weight) is designated as “cáñamo” or “hemp”. In February 2019, the legalization of industrial hemp took place through a regulation that distinguishes hemp from medical cannabis based on their THC content. This differentiation allows for the legal cultivation and utilization of industrial hemp while maintaining control over medical cannabis with regard to its THC levels.

The regulatory framework encompasses both the cultivation and production of psychoactive cannabis, which contains 1% or more of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as non-psychoactive cannabis, which contains cannabidiol (CBD). Individuals and businesses involved in researching, producing, importing, or commercializing hemp are not obligated to obtain licenses under this provision.

Is CBD Legal in Peru?

CBD that has been derived from hemp (containing less than 1%THC) is legal in Peru.

While CBD itself is not subject to specific regulations in Peru, a distinct license is necessary for the sale of hemp products such as CBD.

Can I Grow Weed at Home in Peru?

Peruvian laws prohibit the personal cultivation of cannabis at home.

Will Peru Legalize Weed?

Peru has taken steps towards cannabis legalization in recent years, particularly in the medical cannabis sector. In 2017, medical cannabis oil was legalized for therapeutic use, and in 2020, regulations were implemented to allow for the production and commercialization of medical cannabis products.

While there has been progress in the medical cannabis sector, the legalization of recreational cannabis in Peru remains uncertain. Public opinion on recreational cannabis has been divided, and there are differing views within the government and society regarding its legalization.

Ultimately, whether or not Peru chooses to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes will depend on a variety of factors, including evolving societal attitudes, scientific research, public health considerations, and political decision-making. We promise to keep you updated when and should any changes take place.


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