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Is Weed Legal in Argentina? (April 2024)

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Yes, cannabis for medical use is legal in Argentina. In 2017, Argentina passed a law that allows the use of cannabis oil and other cannabis derivatives for medical purposes. However, the law does not legalize recreational use of cannabis.

About Argentina

Argentina, the eight largest country in the world, is located in the southern part of South America. It is bordered by Chile and the Andes Mountains. Argentina is known for many things including a love for soccer, tango, and quality wine.

Medical Cannabis in Argentina

Yes, medical cannabis was legalized in Argentina in 2017.In March 2017, the senate approved a bill to legalize medical cannabis in the form of CBD and cannabis oil. The bill was promulgated in September 2017. In 2020, President Alberto Fernández signed a decree to allow medical cannabis patients to grow their own cannabis so as to subsidize the cost and increase access. The bill also created a regulatory framework for the cultivation, processing, and distribution of cannabis, even though recreational use remains illegal.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Argentina?

Yes, the possession of small amounts of cannabis has been decriminalized in Argentina. The limit for Buenos Aires is 15 grams.  The Supreme Court of Argentina passed a law in 2009 to decriminalize the use and possession of cannabis for personal use.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Argentina?

No, Argentina is yet to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Under article 77 of the penal code of Argentina, cannabis is a scheduled substance and hence highly regulated. Producing, using, or selling cannabis is frowned upon and if caught, the offender is likely to be served with a hefty fine or prison sentence.

 Is Hemp Legal in Argentina?

Argentina’s laws on industrial hemp are complicated. Last year, President Alberto Fernández signed a bill to establish a new regulatory body to manage the hemp and medical cannabis industry. He stated that the industry would create jobs and provide exports that would bring in dollars to the country. The Regulatory Agency of the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Industry (ARICCAME) would oversee all other bodies involved in the value chain of hemp and medical cannabis. The new law provides a framework for the cultivation, production, and commercialization of hemp and cannabis products and seeds.  The government suggested that hemp would serve as a backup for tobacco’s declining profits.

Is CBD Legal in Argentina?

Yes, CBD is legal in Argentina, but it is limited to medical use. CBD was approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) 2015. Access to CBD is regulated through Anvisa`s restricted application system and licenses for CBD use are issued on a case-by-case basis. Patients can also import CBD after getting approved by ANVISA.

Can I Grow Weed at Home in Argentina?

As a medical cannabis patient in Argentina, you can grow your own weed at home. Patients' caregivers can also grow weed on their behalf. Argentina legalized self cultivation of medical cannabis in 2020.

Will Argentina Legalize Weed?

Argentina is looking to cash in on the medical cannabis market both domestically and internationally. However, there are no signs indicating that they will be venturing into the recreational market any time soon.