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Kirk Reynolds, Founder & CEO of Sobreo- Interview Series

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In the burgeoning landscape of cannabis-infused beverages, mixers tailored explicitly for cannabis offer a unique and largely untapped opportunity. While the cannabis beverage market itself is still relatively niche, the potential for mixers designed to complement cannabis-based drinks presents an even rarer avenue for growth. These mixers not only cater to the discerning palates of health-conscious consumers but also provide a platform for innovation within the cannabis industry. As the demand for sophisticated and premium cannabis-infused beverages continues to rise, the emergence of companies pioneering this specialized niche marks a significant step towards the maturation of the cannabis beverage sector.

Amidst this landscape, Kirk Reynolds stands out as a visionary entrepreneur at the helm of SOBREO, a company dedicated to redefining the art of cocktail mixing with cannabis at its core. As the founder and CEO of SOBREO, Kirk brings a wealth of experience from diverse fields, ranging from athletics to neuroscience research. His journey towards SOBREO was shaped by personal struggles and profound revelations, leading him to embrace cannabis as a catalyst for change in both physical and mental well-being. With SOBREO, Kirk aims to offer a line of ultra-premium mixers that not only deliver exquisite flavor profiles but also embody a commitment to wellness and inclusivity within the cannabis culture.

MyCannabis: Kirk, could you tell us about your journey into the cannabis industry?

Kirk: Absolutely. My path into the cannabis industry is a story of personal transformation and entrepreneurial vision. After a successful career as an Olympic shooter, I transitioned into coaching hockey, where I learned to approach challenges with innovation and unconventional thinking. However, it was during this time that I faced a mental health breakdown, stemming from unresolved trauma. Through therapy, I discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, which profoundly impacted my well-being. This experience ignited a passion within me to create a product that would blend the sophistication of premium mixers with the health-conscious appeal of cannabis, thus giving birth to SOBREO.

MyCannabis: What inspired the creation of SOBREO?

Kirk: SOBREO is the culmination of my personal journey towards health-conscious living and my desire to redefine the world of cocktail mixing.

MyCannabis: Could you explain the process behind creating SOBREO?

Kirk: Absolutely. SOBREO's uniqueness stems not from technology, but from the synergy of time and nature. Each bottle contains 30 distinct organic adaptogens and botanicals.

Each ingredient has its own optimal maceration point, requiring varying durations for flavor extraction. We refrain from heating, cooling, or distilling the mixture. Instead, we rely on time for extraction. This meticulous process can take up to four months per product.

Once all 30 flavors are extracted, we blend them and age the mixture on oak for six months. This oak aging, akin to fine wines and spirits, enhances SOBREO's complexity, offering a sensory journey from the tip of the tongue to the back of the throat.

Maintaining consistency and quality is paramount. Despite slight variations in batches, such as heightened allspice notes, the core recipe remains unchanged. This subtle evolution, influenced by Mother Nature's bounty, ensures each batch of SOBREO is a testament to unparalleled complexity.

MyCannabis: Does that mean that the taste of SOBREO could vary from bottle to bottle?

Kirk: The experience will always be consistent for you, as it reflects the specific vintage of SOBREO that you have.

MyCannabis: So, what you have this year might differ from what you have two years from now?

Kirk: Well, potentially. Given that we're relatively young in this industry, we anticipate refining our processes over time. However, our commitment to using organic botanicals and adaptogens ensures that our recipes remain consistent. We prioritize natural ingredients to avoid any artificial additives or pesticides that could affect the flavor profile. While subtle nuances may arise, the core recipes will endure for generations to come.

MyCannabis: How does SOBREO differentiate itself in the market?

Kirk: SOBREO's distinctiveness lies in its unparalleled mouthfeel and versatility. With zero sugar and alcohol, SOBREO maintains a robust viscosity that enhances the drinking experience, whether enjoyed on its own or mixed with other beverages. Unlike many mixers that dilute quickly when combined with alcohol or cannabis, SOBREO's bold character ensures that flavors remain intact, allowing for endless creative possibilities in cocktail crafting.

MyCannabis: Can you elaborate on the ethos (Neo-hedonism) behind Sobreo?

Kirk: SOBREO embodies the principles of neohedonism—a philosophy that emphasizes mindful pleasure-seeking in a sustainable manner. Our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and inclusivity guides every aspect of our business, from sourcing organic ingredients to fostering meaningful conversations around cannabis consumption. SOBREO isn't just a product; it's a reflection of our belief in creating positive experiences that resonate with consumers on a deeper level.

MyCannabis: How has the market responded to SOBREO?

Kirk: The response from the cannabis community has been overwhelmingly positive. SOBREO has quickly become a staple in cannabis lounges across Las Vegas, where discerning consumers seek premium experiences and sophisticated flavor profiles. Our partnership with establishments like Reset Las Vegas and Thrive Marketplace has further solidified SOBREO's position as a go-to mixer for those looking to elevate their cannabis-infused beverages.

MyCannabis: What's on the horizon for SOBREO?

Kirk: We're excited to continue expanding our presence in cannabis lounges across Las Vegas and beyond. Additionally, we're exploring opportunities to collaborate with cafes and hospitality establishments on the West Coast, as we believe there's a growing demand for premium mixers that cater to health-conscious consumers. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate a global movement that redefines drinking culture, promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and above all, enjoyment.

It was a great pleasure to have this conversation with Kirk Reynolds, founder and CEO of SOBREO. Readers are encouraged to check out SOBREO to learn more about how this company is shaping the cannabis industry.

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