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Is Weed Legal in Serbia? (2024)

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Cannabis is illegal for recreational purposes in Serbia but the country has a limited medical marijuana program. The possession, cultivation, sale, and use of cannabis are prohibited under Serbian law. The country has strict drug laws, and the penalties for cannabis-related offenses can vary depending on the quantity involved, the intent (possession, sale, trafficking), and other factors. Penalties can include fines, imprisonment, or a combination of both.

About Serbia

Serbia is a country located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It shares borders with Hungary to the north, Romania and Bulgaria to the east, North Macedonia to the south, Albania and Montenegro to the southwest, and Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west. The country has a developing market economy with a mixture of industries. Belgrade, with its lively nightlife and historical landmarks, is a popular tourist destination.

Medical Cannabis in Serbia

Medical cannabis in Serbia is legal but highly regulated. The use of cannabis for medical purposes is permitted under specific conditions and requires approval from relevant authorities. In 2017, Serbia introduced legislation allowing the use of medical cannabis products. The law permits the prescription and use of cannabis-based medications for specific medical conditions, such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chemotherapy-induced nausea, and others.

To access medical cannabis in Serbia, patients must obtain a prescription from a licensed physician. The prescription is then submitted to the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia, which evaluates the request and grants authorization for the patient to use medical cannabis.

Licensed pharmacies in Serbia can dispense medical cannabis products to authorized patients. The available products may include cannabis-based extracts, oils, capsules, or other forms, depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Serbia?

No, cannabis is yet to be decriminalized in Serbia.   Possession and use of even small amounts of cannabis is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by imprisonment of between three to ten years.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Serbia?

No, recreational cannabis remains illegal in Serbia as cannabis is classified as a narcotic substance.

Is Hemp Legal in Serbia?

Yes, hemp cultivation is legal in Serbia. Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, refers to the non-intoxicating varieties of Cannabis sativa that are primarily cultivated for their fiber, seeds, and other industrial uses.

In Serbia, hemp cultivation is regulated and overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management. Farmers interested in growing hemp need to obtain a license and adhere to specific regulations and requirements set by the ministry.

Hemp cultivation in Serbia is primarily focused on industrial purposes, such as the production of hemp fibers for textiles, hemp seeds for food and oil, and hemp-derived products for various industries. The hemp varieties cultivated in Serbia are specifically bred to have low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), not exceeding 0.2% THC by dry weight.


Is CBD Legal in Serbia?

In Serbia, CBD products derived from hemp and containing less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are generally considered legal. These products are typically available in the form of oils, capsules, topicals, or other formulations.

However, it's important to note that CBD products must comply with specific regulations and labeling requirements set by the Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities. Additionally, CBD products are typically classified as food supplements or cosmetics rather than pharmaceuticals.

Can I Grow Weed at Home in Serbia?

No, it is illegal to grow weed at home in Serbia.

Will Serbia Legalize Weed?

Serbia still has a long way to go before it fully legalizes cannabis.


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