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Hemp-Derived CBD Approved for Medical Use in Zimbabwe




The government of Zimbabwe (southern Africa) has permitted the sale of hemp-derived CBD for medical purposes through its Medical Control Authority (MCA).  Zimbabwe legalized hemp in 2018 to boost its ailing economy which previously relied on tobacco as the primary export. It became the third country in Africa to make this bold move and has since attracted the interest of foreign investors.

The announcement was made through a circular that was released by the CMA on 18th July 2022. It was titled: Approval of hemp-based CBD products as complementary medicines. Stakeholders were given the following conditions:

  1. Submit an application for registration in compliance with the guidelines for submission of application for complementary medicines
  2. Submit product samples
  3. Submit product certificates of analysis (COAs) from certified laboratories
  4. Specify indications for the medicine and give clear warnings on side effects and contraindications
  5. Have a site inspection carried out by the MCA inspectorate
  6. Pay required license and inspection fees

The MCA has invited applications from hemp producers, manufacturers, pharmacists, and sellers to apply for licenses to sell medical cannabis. Product samples will be tested and production sites inspected.  Only licensed sellers will be allowed to sell hemp-based CBD as medicine. The government hopes to boost foreign income with a target of raising $1.25 billion yearly. CMA has already begun receiving applications for licenses from interested parties and is in the process of reviewing them.



Lydia K. (Bsc. RN) is a cannabis writer, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. Currently, she is a regular writer for Mace Media. In the past, she has written for MyBud, RX Leaf & Dine Magazine (Canada), CBDShopy (UK) and Cannavalate & Pharmadiol (Australia). She is best known for writing epic news articles and medical pieces. Occasionally, she deviates from news and science and creates humorous articles. And boy doesn't she love that! She equally enjoys ice cream, as should all right-thinking people.